General exclusions

Exclusions — what’s not covered by Aviva breakdown cover

We’ve told you everything that we include in our breakdown cover policy. We want you to have the confidence that you’ve got the right breakdown cover package for your needs. We’ve summarised what’s not included below, but please refer to the breakdown cover policy wording (PDF 1.2MB) for full details.

General exclusions which apply to the whole policy

Aviva breakdown does not cover:

  1. Any breakdown that occurs during the first 24 hours after joining, reinstating or upgrading cover (including adding any extra person under joint cover) — except the Rescue service which is available immediately.
  2. Vehicles that were broken down or unroadworthy at the time of joining, upgrading or reinstating cover, unless we agree to provide service and an appropriate charge is made.
  3. Vehicles which have broken down as a result of taking part in a motor sport event which takes place off the road and/or is not subject to the normal rules of the road.
  4. The transportation of any vehicle that we suspect is loaded over its legal limit.
  5. The cost of draining or removing contaminated fuel (we will arrange for your vehicle to be taken to a local garage for assistance, but you will have to pay for any work carried out).
  6. Any costs incurred as a result of you failing to carry a serviceable spare tyre and wheel appropriate to your vehicle, caravan or trailer.
    Note: motorised vehicles that are manufactured without the provision of a spare wheel will be considered on their individual merits.
  7. Assistance in changing a wheel is only covered within your breakdown entitlement if you are carrying a serviceable spare as specified above.
  8. The cost of a locksmith, body glass or tyre specialist. We will try to arrange these services if needed but you will have to pay for them.
  9. The costs of ferry crossings, unless otherwise specified.

What’s not covered — Rescue

  • Any events listed in general exclusions.
  • Breakdowns within a quarter of a mile of your home or where you normally keep the vehicle.
  • The costs of parts, fuel or other supplies.
  • Labour at any garage to which the vehicle is taken.
  • Towing costs for the whole distance if you wish to be taken to a destination further than 10 miles.
  • Towing following an accident, fire, theft or act of vandalism or other incident normally covered by your motor insurance. If you call us for assistance following such an incident and your motor insurance is with Aviva, we can arrange this for you. If your car insurance is not with Aviva, you will be liable to pay us for the costs of removal (you may be able to reclaim these costs through your car insurance policy).

What’s not covered — Recovery

  • Events listed in general exclusions.
  • Breakdowns within a quarter of a mile of your home or the place where the vehicle is usually kept.
  • A second recovery if the original fault has not been properly repaired.
  • The use of the Recovery service as a way to avoid repair costs.
  • Recovery which is not arranged at the time of breakdown and cannot be requested later.

What’s not covered — At Home

  • A second recovery if the original fault has not been properly repaired.
  • The use of the At Home service as a way to avoid repair costs.
  • Recovery which is not arranged at the time of breakdown and cannot be requested later.

What’s not covered — Onward Travel

  • A second use of the Onward Travel benefits if the original fault has not been properly repaired.
  • Other charges arising from your use of the hire car benefit such as fuel costs, deposit, any insurance excess charges, collecting and returning the vehicle and any costs due to you keeping the car after the agreed period of hire.
  • If you require a second or any other type of vehicle we will try to arrange this for you. You will have to pay for any additional costs.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to have an incident with the hire vehicle and you make an insurance claim, you will be responsible for paying any excess.

What’s not covered — European Breakdown Cover

  • Any costs which would have been payable even if the incident causing the claim had not occurred.
  • Your vehicle if it is used for, or if you take part in motor racing, rallies or other competitive events.
  • Liability for costs or losses due to delays or acts or omissions of anyone we have instructed but have no direct control of, such as garages, hotels, car hire firms etc.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that repairs are carried out to your own satisfaction and you are liable for any labour costs which amount to more than the limits of this policy. You are also liable for the costs of all parts.
  • If it is necessary to return your vehicle to the United Kingdom unattended you should check with your motor insurers that your vehicle and its contents will be covered against loss or damage in transit. Any costs for hiring a vehicle other than under the terms of the policy are not included.
  • Any liability for claims as a result of acts of nature, strikes, war, invasion, riot, revolution or any similar event.
  • Any loss, damage or liability directly or indirectly caused by:
    • Ionising radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste or any risk from nuclear equipment.
    • Pressure waves caused by aircraft or other flying machines travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
    • War, invasion, civil unrest, revolution or similar event.
  • Breakdown due to:
    • Lack of oil or water.
    • Frost damage.
    • Rust or corrosion.
    • Unserviceable/un-roadworthy tyres.
  • The effect of intoxicating liquors or drugs.
  • Your vehicle being driven by anyone not holding a valid full driving licence.
  • Any incident leading to a claim under the policy which is covered under any other insurance, breakdown or medical policy, we only pay our share of the claim. This restriction does not apply to the limits under the vehicle break-in cover.
  • Vehicle break-in benefits do not apply in respect of:
    • Loss of or damage to property in your vehicle if it has been left unattended or in a public garage for more than 24 hours or whilst it is unattended on a vehicle transporter, on a train or at sea.
    • Your property if it is confiscated, destroyed or kept by Customs or any other authority.

You’ll find our full terms and conditions of cover in the policy booklet. View our breakdown cover policy booklet online now (PDF 1.2MB).

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