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These are the answers to many of the questions we're asked about International Solutions and Gulf Solutions. But if you can't find what you're looking for here, please call us on either 0800 051 1524 from the UK or on +44 2380 371 944 from overseas.

Who needs International Solutions?

International Solutions is a private health insurance policy for employees living or working outside their country of nationality for six months or more. We offer International Solutions primarily to businesses based in the European Economic Area.

How do I buy International Solutions, do I have to be in the UK?

You will need to complete an application form and return it to us. If your application is accepted, we'll send you a welcome pack with all the information you need.

To contact us, call 0800 051 1524 if you're in the UK. If you're outside the UK but have a business entity registered here, you can still buy an International Solutions policy but you need to call us on (+44) 2380 371 944. Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded.

What's the difference between International Solutions and travel insurance?

Travel insurance is for people who travel overseas for a limited period of time. It often excludes some levels of cover if you're actually working abroad. Everyday medical expenses, such as prescriptions and routine medical treatments, aren't usually covered.

International Solutions can include routine medical support, such as dental treatment and prescriptions. If you'd like to find out more, we can give you more information about travel insurance.

How do I pay for International Solutions?

You can pay premiums in Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. If you're paying in Pounds Sterling, you can pay by monthly or annual Direct Debit, annual cheque, draft or bank transfer. If you're paying in Euros or US Dollars, then we accept premiums by annual cheque, draft or bank transfer.

Could the terms and conditions change?

Yes. If we think it will make your policy more relevant to your business' or your employees' circumstances we may change our terms and conditions, but we'll let you know in advance.

What's the maximum we can claim in one year?

International Solutions limits the amount that can be claimed by each member, each policy year, to £5,000,000, €5,500,000 or $7,500,000. Some benefits within the policy will also have a specified benefit limit applied that can be claimed for each member, each policy year.

Will International Solutions cover evacuation?

Yes. If treatment is needed that's not available locally we'll evacuate members to the nearest facility even if that's in a different country. We may not cover travel costs without prior approval, so members must call us before making arrangements.

How do you work out my premiums?

We take many factors into consideration such as the options you choose and where you'd like your employees to be covered. We can explain this in more detail to you if you contact us; we're happy to answer questions about your policy in particular – it may need to be different to another business' arrangements.

Will my premiums go up?

International Solutions policy premiums are worked out using age bands to reflect that people are more likely to claim as they get older. That's why we review our premiums on an annual basis – but it doesn't mean your premiums will rise each year. Where a premium increase is necessary, either as a result of rising costs or because certain employees have entered a new age band, we'll let you know before your annual renewal is due.

International Solutions policies with more than 100 employees do not experience an age band increase until an employee reaches the age of 65. We will also take into consideration your scheme's own claims experience and membership profile when calculating the premium. In general, the larger the group size the greater the relevance of the claims experience.

Won't an EHIC card cover treatment for our employees in the EU?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid in all 27 member states of the EU. In most cases employees would have some care from the state system, but this may need to be paid for in advance and the cover might be at a reduced level in comparison to the UK. They would also have to complete an A1 form to show they're still paying tax and NI in the UK.

Are there any excesses?

No, not unless you choose to apply one to your out-patient cover.

If we switch to Aviva, will we get the same levels of cover?

When we arrange a quotation we'll talk through the options. Rest assured, we'll do everything we can to give you a competitive alternative with added value, and help to make it a smooth transition for your business.

What kinds of underwriting are there?

The underwriting on our International Solutions policies depend on how many employees you'd like to cover, we can offer three kinds of underwriting:

  • Medical history disregarded means that we do not apply any personal medical exclusions as a result of pre-existing conditions. This is available if you are looking to cover 10 or more employees.
  • With full medical underwriting we'll ask your employees to fill out a health questionnaire. This will tell us about any pre-existing conditions. This information helps us to identify which conditions, if any, will be excluded from the cover. It means that employees won't be covered for a pre-existing condition unless they tell us about it and we decide not to put an exclusion on the policy. This is standard on International Solutions policies with less than 10 members covered.
  • Your policy may be on a continued medical exclusions basis. This means that if you are transferring from another recognised international insurer, on equivalent cover, we will accept the same employees' personal medical exclusions, if any, that were applied to your previous plan.

Our Gulf Solutions policies are underwritten on a medical history disregarded basis as standard.

What's changed recently in International Solutions?

For new policies, or those renewing as of 1 February 2014, you'll see enhancements to our International Solutions product. We've also introduced a new product for the Gulf region called Gulf Solutions. Both policies offer:

  • Greater flexibility – giving you more choice to adapt your cover to your needs
  • Enhanced cover – new benefits, higher benefit levels and extra options
  • Wider geographic cover as standard – straightforward, two-tier global cover
  • New Gulf Solutions – a new product if your employees are based in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or The United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Extra clarity – clearer benefit terms to give you complete peace of mind
  • More value – no mandatory excess, so our claims process is even easier.

Why do I need a different policy for the Gulf regions?

In the Gulf, healthcare legislation is relatively complex, especially in Abu Dhabi. International private medical insurance policies must be provided by a locally licenced insurance provider. We've worked with local providers to make sure your employees can be covered by a policy that's appropriate to the territory in which they're living or working – yet still benefit from a wide range of features if they travel outside the region. It's called Gulf Solutions.

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