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How does this product work?

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Our Defaqto 5 Star rated Solutions product provides you and your employees with access to prompt, private medical treatment at a national network of hospitals.

It's a flexible product, so you can design it around the needs of your business. Our team will be able to take you through all the benefits, along with what options are available to help increase cover or reduce costs. We'll also talk to you about what underwriting is available on our 100 to 249 Solutions product.

You can also arrange different levels of cover, for different groups of employees. This means you could give increased benefits for senior staff, as part of their salary package, and include your remaining staff on a lower level of cover. However you want it to work, setting up Solutions for 100 to 249 employees is as easy as A, B. C.

Full details of cover are in our policy wording booklet (PDF 1,800KB). You'll need to complete an application form for us to work out the final terms of your policy. If we accept your application, and depending on your circumstances, non-standard terms may apply.

A - tell us about your business…

Why not call us now and tell us what we can do for you. Time is valuable, so we'll help in any way we can. Just let us know what you need. To prepare an accurate quote, we'll ask for these details:

  • How many employees would you like to cover?
  • What are your employees' dates of birth?
  • Do you have a current policy, and if so, when would you like to switch?
  • What is your past claims experience?

B - tell us how Solutions could help your business most…

We think that Solutions is ideal for larger companies, because it's so flexible. In addition to giving your employees valuable peace of mind, it can also help you meet your budget by arranging different levels of cover. Increasing benefits for senior staff perhaps, or offering specific policy benefits to groups of employees as part of their salary package.

Tell us which benefits you'd like to offer, then select the options you prefer to help contain costs. We'll talk to you about the types of underwriting that are available, and all of your employees will receive the following benefits as standard:

  • Prompt, private medical treatment - avoiding NHS waiting lists
  • Access to BacktoBetter - our musculoskeletal (MSK) clinical case manaagement service for back, neck, muscle or joint pain claims
  • Costs covered for hospital charges and specialists' fees (up to the limits in our specialist fee schedule)
  • Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or scans
  • Radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment

The following benefits are optional and, if you choose them, then your premiums could be higher. You'll find more details on the What can this product cover? page:

… and the following options can help contain the costs of Solutions. Some of them may not be available if you've added benefits to your core cover. Again, details are shown in the What can this product cover? page, and a full explanation of these options is included in our Solutions brochure (PDF 1,678KB).

  • Using the 'Six week option'
  • Adding a member excess to your policy
  • Reducing selected benefits
  • Choosing an alternative hospital list
  • Reducing your out-patient cover

C - then you'll receive these additional benefits with your policy, at no extra charge ...

Solutions helps your employees get access to prompt, private medical treatment. But as healthcare experts, we've made sure that our products can help them stay in good shape, too. This could help to reduce levels of absenteeism, and show real value-for -money as we help to keep your business healthy. To do this, we'll include these benefits with every policy, at no extra charge:

  • 24 hour GP helplines giving your members access to fast medical advice whenever they need it
  • 24 hour stress counselling helpline available free of charge, 24 hours a day to all members aged 16 and over
  • Up to 25% discount at selected UK gyms, nationwide
  • At Aviva, we believe good thinking means making life better. That's why, with Aviva Advantages, your employees can get everything from money saving offers to fabulous prizes.

We think it's important that every larger company can put a value-for-money, flexible and effective policy into place - helping their employees, and the business to stay healthy. Find out what's covered by Solutions, read more in our FAQs, or see how your employees would make a claim. Then ask us to call you now, and get a Solutions quote for your business…

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