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Health News from Aviva

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Mrs T’s experience of using BacktoBetter

29 Mar 2017

I’d been suffering with that sort of niggling neck and shoulder pain for a while ...

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Girl in the Gulf...

29 Mar 2017

"My Visa Journey". Move to Dubai they said, it’ll be fun they said ...

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The new and improved team with a new name!

29 Mar 2017

You will know us as the Healthcare Sales Bureau but from 1 April 2017 we will be ...

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We never stop

28 Feb 2017

if you appreciate our health offering and the drive of our team, vote for us in ...

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Reminder of Optimum & GuideWell T&C Changes

28 Feb 2017

At Aviva we are constantly reviewing our products to ensure they continue to mee ...

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Reminder of Changes to Solutions T&C’s

28 Feb 2017

Back in October 2016, we communicated some enhancements to the Terms and Conditi ...

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Reminder of Healthier Solutions T&C Changes

28 Feb 2017

Back in October 2016, we communicated some important changes to the Terms and Co ...

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More improvements on MyAviva...

28 Feb 2017

Back in January we told you about the exciting new features we are delivering fo ...

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Our stance on the IPT rate change - June 2017

24 Feb 2017

In the Autumn Statement 2016 the Chancellor announced an increase to the standar ...

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Health Insurance Awards 2016

18 Oct 2016

We did it! For the 7th year running, Aviva UK Health has been crowned Health Ins ...

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New customer authorisation form

01 Aug 2016

To help support you and your clients, The Association of Medical Insurers and In ...

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Our stance on the IPT rate change - October 2016

01 Jul 2016

In the March 2016 Budget the Chancellor announced an increase to the standard ra ...

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UK adults accept mental health issues as the norm

11 May 2016

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, our research has found large numbers of U ...

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Aviva Relocation Trends Report

15 Apr 2016

Our most recent Aviva Relocation Trends Report: looks into what it’s actually li ...

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Zika Virus Update

08 Mar 2016

The World Health Authority (WHO) emergency committee recently declared the mosqu ...

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Good Thinking starts here

15 Jan 2016

As we move through 2016, there’s a key phrase you’re going to hear more from us, ...

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New Emirates branding for Gulf Solutions (UAE)

22 Dec 2015

It’s not just Aviva that’s going through a brand refresh, with the introduction ...

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Joint venture to deliver more affordable treatment

23 Oct 2015

Aviva Health and VitalityHealth have formed a joint venture company for the proc ...

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Going digital to your Doctor

28 Sep 2015

Many businesses may already be ‘going digital’ as part of their business model. ...

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Our stance on the IPT rate change: 1 November 2015

11 Sep 2015

In the Summer Budget 2015 the Chancellor announced an increase to the standard r ...

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Get a boost, go to work on a bike

07 Sep 2015

We spoke to 2,000 working UK adults and asked them about their journeys in to th ...

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The Aviva Tour of Britain

04 Sep 2015

Welcome to the Aviva Tour of Britain ...

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UK’s workforce still struggles with mental health

14 Jul 2015

Our Hot Topic – UK’s workforce still struggles with mental health issues ...

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New Head of International PMI

07 Jul 2015

Martin Sellars has been appointed as the New Head of International PMI at Aviva. ...

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Statement on Tunisia

06 Jul 2015


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'On your bike' - cycling and the health benefits

17 Jun 2015

As proud sponsors of the Women’s Tour, Tour of Britain, London Cycle and Tour Ri ...

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Workout at Work Day 2015

11 Jun 2015

Aviva are hosting Workout at Work Day, highlighting the benefits of a healthy li ...

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Helping your B2B clients and sandwich generation

08 Jun 2015

New Thinking: Nick Reynolds discusses how PMI can be important when looking afte ...

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Why do your clients value their PMI policy?

02 Jun 2015

In this 'Hot Topics', research was conducted to find out the reasons why Aviva c ...

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The role of physiotherapy in keeping staff healthy

08 Apr 2015

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Aviva are working to develop a range ...

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Aviva Community Fund - helping your local cause

25 Mar 2015

Do you or your clients have a project that would make a real difference in your ...

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PMI: how to tackle conversations about 'cost'

10 Feb 2015

New Thinking: Nick Reynolds talks through how you can confidently tackle convers ...

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We’re adding new destinations to our IPMI

20 Jan 2015

We are making improvements to our International Solutions private medical insura ...

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Aviva announces new virtual health partnership

06 Jan 2015

Aviva steps up digital innovation with new virtual health service partnership wi ...

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Small Business Saturday aims to drive SMEs forward

05 Dec 2014

Small Business Saturday returns on December 6th, hoping to provide a timely boos ...

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PMI and the time-pressured sandwich generation

04 Dec 2014

New Thinking: Nick Reynolds discusses the importance of 'time' when it comes to ...

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Taking the temperature of a nation

11 Nov 2014

Long-term absence, due to sickness, is still having a negative effect on our eco ...

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Changes to our National Accounts contact details

03 Nov 2014

We have made changes to the contact numbers for queries or quotes for Large Corp ...

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Movember - what it's all about

31 Oct 2014

With the annual Movember awareness campaign getting underway, how many people ac ...

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Awareness events highlighting Lymphatic cancer

12 Sep 2014

Find out about Lymphoma Awareness Day 2014 and events that are taking place worl ...

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New International Solutions - Expat Health app

04 Sep 2014

Give your clients peace of mind with our new International Solutions - Expat Hea ...

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We're on the move!

22 Aug 2014

We would like to inform you of some important information regarding an address c ...

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Demand for mental health services 'on the rise'

22 Aug 2014

The number of patients seeking mental health support is continuing to rise, high ...

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What can I blog about to boost my business?

15 Aug 2014

It's no secret that a good blog can do wonders for raising your business' online ...

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Kick-off a new season of good health

08 Aug 2014

With the football season just around the corner, what could your clients be doin ...

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48 years of hurt: changes in health since 1966

30 Jul 2014

To mark the 48th anniversary of England's World Cup win, we've been looking at h ...

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Health insurance - the carrot businesses need?

18 Jul 2014

With many employers failing to put in place measures to attract and retain staff ...

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Insurance sector should seize 'digital potential'

16 Jul 2014

New PwC research has suggested digital platforms could be crucial in helping ins ...

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World Cup weekend - how to survive the final

11 Jul 2014

The top two international football teams will take to the pitch on Sunday, but w ...

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NHS funding debate highlights benefits of PMI

09 Jul 2014

With questions over the future of the NHS refusing to go away, potential clients ...

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Bike Week - more than half a million participating

17 Jun 2014

Read our article about the rising trend of people swapping their cars for bicycl ...

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How video calling can help your business

12 Jun 2014

Utilising video calls can make a real impact on your operations. ...

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Insurance sector 'to grow significantly'

10 Jun 2014

The insurance industry is expected to expand over the next three to five years, ...

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Employers risk business eating al-desko

06 Jun 2014

Health fears for employees who don’t take a break and work through their lunch e ...

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Workout at Work Day 2014

05 Jun 2014

Workout at Work Day - promoting physical and mental wellbeing in the working env ...

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Time to tackle obesity

28 May 2014

Aviva's inaugural Health Check UK report has highlighted the need to address the ...

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Aviva's Better Protected Britain

28 May 2014

Aviva launches its 'Rethinking Protection' report outlining proposals for the go ...

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Aviva strengthens International Solutions team

14 May 2014

Find out the steps we are taking to strengthen our International Solutions team ...

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Happy 1st Birthday BacktoBetter

14 May 2014

Celebrating the success of Aviva's BacktoBetter service one year on - we look at ...

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Anxiety the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week

12 May 2014

Aviva's recent Health Check UK report into mental health, revealed that 18-24 ye ...

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National ‘Walk to Work Week’ - 12th-16th May

09 May 2014

The annual campaign to get the UK on its feet and encourage workers to walk to t ...

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Aviva adds KIMS facility to Key Hospital List

08 May 2014

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the Kent Institute of Medicine & Sur ...

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'Cancer in the workplace' seminar - 12th June

06 May 2014

Aviva and HealthScreen UK will be hosting a seminar covering a number of topics ...

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Aviva's first Health Check UK report released

29 Apr 2014

Discover the results of Aviva's first Health Check UK which reveals how the publ ...

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Fruit & Veg: how achievable is 7-a-day?

25 Apr 2014

Health experts are now suggesting we need to consume seven portions of fruit and ...

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

24 Apr 2014

Find out more about Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and how health professionals, c ...

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Medical experts look into musculoskeletal research

17 Apr 2014

Medical experts from around the world were brought together to review the latest ...

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Our response to CMA investigation into PMI market

02 Apr 2014

Our response to the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) investigation into th ...

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St Patrick's Day - Monday 17th

17 Mar 2014

Guinness and beer: Can it be good for you? ...

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Clue up for World Kidney Day 2014

13 Mar 2014

World Kidney Day - it's time for everyone to get clued up about these vital orga ...

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Letting the truth get in the way of a good story

27 Feb 2014

Private healthcare, the NHS and letting the truth get in the way of a good story ...

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St Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2014

Facts and stories from the heart ...

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Mental health costs UK £70bn per year, says OECD

12 Feb 2014

A new report from the OECD has revealed the overall cost of mental health to the ...

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National Heart Month

07 Feb 2014

Heart attacks, what you want to know. ...

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World Cancer Day, 4th Feb

04 Feb 2014

Cancer: A brief history. ...

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Benefits of exercise for the elderly

28 Jan 2014

Read our article about the benefits of exercise for the elderly and how it can h ...

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Our view on the Competition Commission's Proposal

16 Jan 2014

Find out our views on the proposed improvements to the healthcare market followi ...

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Peripheral immune cells and Depression

15 Jan 2014

New research has revealed that immune cells outside of the brain may play a role ...

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NHS budget squeeze 'to benefit private healthcare'

28 Nov 2013

The private sector is set to benefit from budget constraints in the NHS, a new s ...

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Mealtime habits may affect obesity levels

28 Nov 2013

Interesting new research has shown that obesity levels are continuing to rise ...

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Parents pinpoint 8am as most stressful time of day

31 Oct 2013

You may want to avoid contacting clients early in the morning as 8am has been id ...

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Stoptober is back again!

03 Oct 2013

Stoptober has rolled around once more, seeing thousands of smokers across the co ...

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Our view on the Competition Commission's findings

30 Aug 2013

Find out our views on the proposed improvements to the healthcare market followi ...

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Cancer survivors have a good chance of conceiving

19 Jul 2013


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'Novel therapies' could treat prostate cancer

19 Jul 2013

Study could pave way for 'novel therapies' to treat prostate cancer ...

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GuideWell - sustainable and affordable PMI

01 Jul 2013

We're launching GuideWell to large corporates, which utilises the open referral ...

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Healthier Solutions Gets 5 Star Defaqto Rating

25 Jun 2013

Feel confident in recommending our Healthier Solutions product to your clients, ...

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Win an Expert with Aviva

16 May 2013

Lisa Faulkner, Sally Gunnell, Will Greenwood and Simon Reeve join us to offer Br ...

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We've enhanced our Optimum product - BacktoBetter

10 May 2013

We've launched a new core benefit for our large corporate private medical insura ...

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Doctors call for immediate action to fight obesity

13 Mar 2013

Doctors have called for immediate action to stem the tide of rising obesity in t ...

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Scientists take to the sea to find new antibiotics

12 Mar 2013

In the never ending fight against bacteria, scientists are venturing to the bott ...

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Desk-based meals for '10% of office workers'

11 Mar 2013

One in two office workers eat their breakfast as well as their lunch while sat a ...

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Thousands of cancer patients 'feel alone'

07 Mar 2013

Many thousands of cancer patients in the UK are left feeling alone in their figh ...

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Cancer survivors want more lifestyle tips

06 Mar 2013

Some 90 per cent of relatives and friends of cancer survivors felt lifestyle rec ...

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Aviva and the CSP join forces to keep the UK fit

04 Mar 2013

Aviva has announced a three-year partnership with the Chartered Society of Physi ...

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Darpartment of Health - Tips to cut alcohol intake

13 Feb 2013

A small group of research participants were recently offered tips for reducing t ...

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Lunch break skippers 'taking risks with health'

13 Feb 2013

It has been claimed that workers who forego a lunchtime break and fail to have s ...

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Simple walking could be enough to improve heart

11 Feb 2013

Regular walking could be a simple way of ensuring that a person has a healthy he ...

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Pre heart attack chest pain could be protective

08 Feb 2013

Chest pain is a well known symptom related to heart attacks. But new research ha ...

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Many unaware of ways to cut cancer risk?

07 Feb 2013

Not everyone is aware of some of the ways people can boost their chances of avoi ...

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Processed foods 'may be biggest obesity villains'

06 Feb 2013

It has been claimed that processed foods might be "the greatest villains when it ...

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Our response to the Sickness Absence Review

01 Feb 2013

The Government recently published their response to this Sickness Absence Review ...

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Patients call for better mental health provision

31 Jan 2013

Discover how the public feels about mental health treatment in the UK with the r ...

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Alzheimer's Society chief calls for more action

21 Jan 2013

Find out Jeremy Hughes views about the action needed to improve the lives of dem ...

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Healthier Solutions is in better shape than ever

29 Nov 2012

Our new and improved Healthier Solutions product, is now even better at tending ...

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Friday funny

12 Oct 2012

As it's Friday we thought we'd share this amusing Aviva Premiership Rugby video ...

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Mental health stigma starts to fade

08 Oct 2012

More than a quarter (28%) of UK employees believe there is less stigma associate ...

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Aviva Health 100 - our latest Facebook app

04 Oct 2012

Find out how our Aviva Health 100 Facebook app can help you improve your fitness ...

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Ageing Workforce Health Issues to Impact Business

25 Sep 2012

With the change to the default retirement age, find out the concerns employers h ...

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Government reviews ESA rules relating to cancer

17 Sep 2012

It’s encouraging to see that the Government is proposing to change its stance ar ...

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Competition Commission private healthcare review

13 Jul 2012

Read about our response to the Competition Commission's review of the private he ...

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2012 Health of the Nation Report is here!

25 Apr 2012

Aviva's Spring 2012 Health of the Nation Report is here! ...

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