General exclusions

What’s not covered by our home insurance

Here are some examples of what isn’t covered by our home insurance policies. We recommend that before you buy one of our home insurance policies you read through the home insurance policy wording (PDF 1.44MB) in full to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Our policies don’t cover:

  1. Any loss, damage or liability which involves:
    • Ionising radiation or radioactive contamination from any nuclear waste arising from burning nuclear fuel
    • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment
  2. Any loss, damage or liability which is the direct or indirect result of any of the following, whether or not contributed by any other cause or event:
    • War, invasion or the military activities of a foreign enemy
    • Civil war, revolution, rebellion or insurrection (ie people rising up and changing the Government by force or attempting to do so)
    • Military power (even if properly authorised by the government) or usurped power (military action not approved by the government)
    • Terrorism, or threat of terrorism
  3. Loss of or damage to property caused by pressure waves from aircraft
  4. Any loss or damage or liability arising from pollution or contamination (unless caused by a sudden and unexpected accident which can be identified, or oil leaking from a domestic oil installation at the home)

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