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Extreme weather advice

Prepare and protect your home against weather damage this season with the Aviva Extreme Weather Hub. It features easy to follow guides for all ...

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First Home

Looking to buy your first home? Check out our First Home resources for tips, advice and checklists to help you into your new home

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Aviva’s Home Security Report: Property Ladder Priorities

Aviva’s Home Security report shows home buying priorities differ with age, and young people are sacrificing home safe...

Saving for a deposit

Saving for a deposit can be difficult, follow our advice and you could get there that much quicker.

Top 10 Tips to help you save water in the home

Do you use water carefully, or do you waste it? Here are some simple things you can do to save water in your home.

What is a credit rating?

There’s lots of talk about credit ratings, but what is it? How do you get one? And importantly, how do you keep a goo...

Decorating your house

Buying a new home, can't wait to start decorating it? Try our advice for first-time buyers who'd like to spend the Ma...

Making your house a home

With help from a Feng Shui Expert and Environmental Psychologist, read our tips to make your new house a home during ...

Keep your home safe this winter

Criminals love this time of year. It gets dark earlier and events like Halloween and fireworks night provide perfect ...

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