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Looking to buy your first home? Check out our First Home resources for tips, advice and checklists to help you into your new home

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20-metre sinkhole opens up in St Albans

Find out more about why sinkholes occur and how we're helping customers in St Albans

We are giving away a Canary to 500 lucky new home Aviva customers

October is National Home Security Month and we've teamed up with innovative home security system provider, Canary.

Contents insurance for university students

Got children about to start university? Don't forget their possessions will be insured if you've already got an Aviva...

Aviva Family Finances Report – Spotlight on ‘Home Sweet Home’

With an in-depth look at changing attitudes to home-ownership, this is a Spotlight article from Aviva’s Family Financ...

Aviva Family Finances Report 2015

Aviva's Family Finance Report 2015 looks at how families use their homes, how they feel about them, protect them and ...

September gardening: What to do now, plus share your pictures!

Gardens are a labour of love and there’s no time like Summer to reap the rewards of your hard work. Here are some k...

Saving for a deposit

Saving for a deposit can be difficult, follow our advice and you could get there that much quicker.

Decorating your house

Buying a new home, can't wait to start decorating it? Try our advice for first-time buyers who'd like to spend this ...

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