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Back to school

Going back to school can be a struggle for both parents and children. Experts share helpful hacks to help make it stress free.

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Is ‘invisible’ spending stopping you from saving?

According to an Aviva study, cutting back on shop-bought lunches, takeaways or snacks could help you save towards you...

Aviva Family Finances Report 2014

Our report explores the changing face of the UK family in a journey through time to show the stark contrast of family...

How do I prepare financially for a new baby?

Planning to have a baby or pregnant already? We have some tips to help you get your finances in order.

20 ways to help your kids be good with money

Teaching your children about money now will help them manage their finances better as adults.

Testing times for the millennial generation

Is it really a tougher world to grow up in then ever before? Our research looks in to the challenges for young adults...

The real cost of graduating: 24 years to pay back your student loan

Aviva’s recent research reveals the true of cost of going to university and the wider impact of losing financial conf...

So what are the chances of winning the lottery?

Like a flutter? Some things are worth a gamble, definitely. But what are the odds of winning anything – ever? Well, w...

The cost of youth: Why are teens so expensive?

Parents are now spending around £4,110 a year on their teens. We explored exactly what they’re spending their money o...

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