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  • Aviva welcomes UK Government action to cut motor premiums, reduce fraud and nuisance calls which will put greater focus on providing care not cash

    Aviva welcomes the Government’s announcement today to cut £1billion from the cost of motor insurance. When the Government implements these changes, Aviva will pass on all the benefit to customers. Aviva expects average motor premiums to reduce by more than 10%, equivalent to £40-£50.
  • Three in five fear a cancer diagnosis will leave them unable to pay the bills

    73% of UK adults have been affected by cancer, directly or through people they know 61% worry about how they would pay their bills if they had cancer, and 55% have no  savings put aside to cover bills or childcare 65% would not want to worry their family if they were diagnosed with cancer 76% feel spending quality time with family on holiday is important for people with cancer Only 13% regularly carry out self-checks for signs of cancer
  • Rising numbers of adults in the UK misjudge their health as obesity crisis grows

    Over a third  (36%) of people considered to be obese believe they are healthy, and over half (51%) of those considered overweight have no plans to lose weight The gap grows between men (39%) and women (46%) who are considered a healthy weight More than three quarters (78%) of adults are not eating their five-a-day Over two fifths (42%) do not know how much exercise they should be doing Growing numbers of UK adults are misjudging their health, according to Aviva’s Autumn Health Check UK Report.
  • Aviva identifies eight ages of motorist

    From young professionals to retirees, new research from motor insurance provider Aviva has identified eight different ‘ages of motoring’ over a lifetime.* 
  • Protect your home and business now before winter weather bites

    With the unpredictable British winter weather on its way, the UK’s leading insurer, says now is the time to protect homes, cars and businesses from the potentially devastating effects of severe weather. 

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