Morley Fund Management launches Sterling Liquidity Fund

Article date: 13 June 2002

Morley Fund Management (‘Morley’) has launched theMorley Sterling Liquidity Fund on 10 June 2002. This Fund investsin UK money markets and allows corporates, institutions and localauthorities to maximise returns on any excess liquidity which theyhold. Initially the Fund will be seeded with in excess of £1billion and has been awarded an Aaa/MR1+ rating byMoody’s.

The fund aims to provide investors with a higher, more stablerate of return, with lower risk, on cash balances than wouldotherwise be available to them in the overnight and short- termmoney markets. The fund is also structured to allow clients instantaccess to their cash*.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced returns through scale as the fund has larger sums toinvest than clients may have individually.
  • Capital preservation through Aaa/MR1+ (Moody’s) ratingwhich will be maintained by the Treasury Team through strictadherence to the Fund’s investment objective governing assetquality and risk control.
  • Realistic minimum initial subscription of £500,000, additionalsubscriptions of £100,000.
  • Gross dividend payments through tax efficient offshorestatus.

The Morley Liquidity Fund is managed by Matthew Tatnell, Head ofMoney Markets and Foreign Exchange at Morley and supported byMorley’s five strong Treasury team. The Fund aims to achievereturns in excess of the overnight money market fund rate (net ofall management fees).

Commenting on the launch of the Morley Sterling Liquidity Fund,Tim Lucas, Head of Treasury at Morley Fund Management, said:“We are delighted to be able to offer the Morley SterlingLiquidity Fund highlighting Morley’s commitment to innovativeand flexible products for the UK investment market. Triple-A moneymarket funds have been an integral part of the US market since the1970s and as the UK realises the benefits, we’re seeingincreased demand for these funds. We can now further enhance aclient’s returns on cash whilst preserving capital throughstrict risk controls.”

*subject to a cut off time of 1pm


For further information please contact:
Laura Cook, PR Executive 020 7809 8125

Notes to editors

  • The Morley Sterling Liquidity Fund also has the followingfeatures:
    • Superior returns through greater duration flexibility anddiversification by investing in a range of quality money marketinstruments including deposits, CDs, CP and FRNs
    • Enhanced returns through scale as the fund has larger sumsto invest than clients may have individually
    • Instant access to funds
    • Capital preservation through Aaa/MR1+ (Moody’s) ratingwhich will be maintained by the Treasury Team through strictadherence to the Fund’s investment objective governingasset quality and risk control.
    • The Morley Sterling Money Market Fund is a sub-fund ofMorley Liquidity Funds plc, an open ended umbrella investmentcompany. The Fund is based in Dublin and is listed on the IrishStock Exchange.
    • Yields will be available in the Financial Times
    • Realistic minimum initial subscription of £500,000additional subscriptions of £100,000
    • Monthly dividends which can be rolled-up
    • Gross dividend payments through tax efficient offshorestatus


of Share
Annual charge
and expenses
Class 1£250 0000.20%
Class 2£5 000 0000.15%
Class 3£50 000 0000.10%

Morley Fund Management

  • Morley Fund Management (‘Morley’) is anindependently managed, London based, asset management businesswith over £107 billion under management. It has investmentmanagement operations in London, Tokyo and Singapore and anassociate office in Boston*.
  • Morley is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CGNU Group andmanages both institutional and retail funds under the Morleybrand. It also acts as investment manager for a range of retailinvestment funds, marketed in the UK under the Norwich Unionbrand. It aims to be a leader in Socially ResponsibleInvestment.
  • CGU plc and Norwich Union plc merged on 30 May 2000 to createCGNU plc, the UK’s largest insurance group and one of thetop-five insurers in Europe with substantial positions in othermarkets around the world, making it the world’s seventhlargest insurer based on gross worldwide premiums.

    *Norwich Union Investment Management, a CGNU Group company

  • Further information about Morley Fund Management can be foundat
  • Morley Liquidity Funds plc is a company incorporated withlimited liability as an investment company with variable capitalunder the laws of Ireland.
  • The value of an investment and any income from it can go downas well as up. Investors may not get back the original amountinvested.

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Morley Fund Management is a business name of Morley FundManagement Limited, registered in England No. 1151805 and MorleyInvestment Services Limited, registered in England No. 1973412.Both are members of the Norwich Union Marketing Group, members ofwhich are regulated by the FSA for life assurance, pensions andinvestments. Morley Investment Services Limited is a member of theInvestment Management Association. Registered Offices: No. 1Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ. Both are CGNU Group companies.

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