Morley launches Sustainable Futures – an SRI Engagement Overlay Programme for institutional investors

Article date: 19 August 2002

Morley Fund Management (‘Morley’) today launches itsSRI Engagement Overlay Programme, ‘SustainableFutures’. This programme, designed by the Morley SociallyResponsible Investment (SRI) team, allows institutional investorsto ‘engage’ with companies in which they haveshareholdings, on social and environmental issues. The programmecomplements the investment strategy of institutional investorswithout restricting their investment universe.

Sustainable Futures allows institutions to monitor the socialand environmental issues facing the companies in which they invest,and also ensures that these companies are well informed of thelatest business impacts of sustainable development.

Social and environmental engagement issues include environmentalstrategy and management, employee practices, health and safety,corporate governance, human rights, community relations, productsand services, and climate change.

Morley’s Engagement Overlay Programme will provide:

  • twice yearly Sustainable Futures Reports on key engagementissues, activities and progress;
  • tailored reports to address the institutional investor’sspecific concerns regarding sectors or companies;
  • sample company profiles providing examples of keyenvironmental and social issues, risks and opportunities;
  • briefings on specific environmental and social issues;and
  • advice on training and education on sustainabilityissues.

The SRI Engagement Overlay Programme meets, and in some casespre-empts, regulation and initiatives such as the 2001 UK CompanyLaw Review which advocates greater accountability for environmentaland social impacts and the 1995 Pensions Act (amended July 2000)which requires pension funds to disclose their policy on social andenvironmental issues . The Programme enhances risk management andcorporate governance of investment strategies.

Morley aims to work with companies to identify solutions andprovide advice on best practice around key social and environmentalissues. Morley’s SRI Advisory Committee, which includesleading social and environmental experts such as Sir GeoffreyChandler, Lord Thomas of Macclesfield, Deborah Leipziger andJonathan Porritt, will advise on the engagement strategy.

Paul Moody, Head of Business Development – SRI at MorleyFund Management, comments: “The Morley Sustainable FuturesProgramme enables institutional investors to access the skill setof the Morley SRI team and Corporate Governance Professionals.Institutional investors will strengthen their corporate reputationby not only meeting members, shareholders and societal expectationsof corporate responsibility, but also by using their shareholderpower to improve corporate environmental and socialperformance.

“Investment criteria are constantly changing and there isa growing awareness around corporate responsibility. There is now ageneral recognition that issues such as child labour can damage acompany’s reputation, and that environmental issues canimpact on financial performance of companies. Recent corporatescandals have highlighted the need for strong governance and theneed for investors to be far- sighted. Sustainable Futures enablesinstitutional investors to communicate with companies on social andenvironmental issues where they have shareholdings.”


For further information please contact:

Morley Fund Management
Laura Cook, PR Executive
020 7809 8125
Noel Smyth, Business Development Manager – SRI
020 7809 8197

Gavin Anderson & Company
Yolande Stratford
020 7554 1428
Liz Morley
020 7554 1479

The Morley Sustainable Futures SRI Engagement Overlay ProgrammeBrochure is available at

Notes to Editors

Morley’s SRI Team

  • Led by Clare Brook, the socially responsible investment teamis one of the largest, most experienced in the UK.

    Clare and her colleagues have been working together for nearlya decade. In this time, they have grown in reputation and status.Team members are frequently asked for advice by companies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and government departments. Theteam was involved with policy making for the new legislation thatrequires pension fund trustees to disclose their stance on socialand environmental issues.

    The team has a global perspective and a global reputation,having worked with investment consultants from around the world.Its research efforts focus on the world-wide activities of thecompanies in which it invests. Members are regularly asked tospeak at overseas conferences on SRI issues.

Morley Fund Management

  • Morley Fund Management (‘Morley’) is anindependently managed, London based, asset management businesswith over £104 billion under management (as at 30.06.02). Itactively manages a diverse range of asset classes and hasinvestment management operations in London, Tokyo and Singaporeand an associate office in Boston*.
  • Morley is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aviva Group andmanages both institutional and retail funds under the Morleybrand. It also acts as investment manager for a range of retailinvestment funds, marketed in the UK by Norwich Union, andinternational funds marketed under the Privilege Portfoliobrand.


Fund Manager of the Year - Pensions Week Awards2002
Specialist Manager of the Year - UK Pensions Awards2002
Insurance Fund Manager of the Year (awarded to NorwichUnion) - Standard and Poor’s 2002
Sustainable and Ethical Investment and Asset ManagementAward - Liveable City Awards 2002

*Norwich Union Investment Management, an Aviva Group company

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