CD-Rom income protection sales aid launched by Norwich Union Healthcare

Article date: 4 September 2002

A CD-Rom sales aid designed to support intermediaries sellingincome protection is now available from Norwich UnionHealthcare.

It provides a quick way of producing illustrations, givinginstant access to 32 premium variations.

It cuts down on the time an intermediary has to spend on thephone to Norwich Union Healthcare by enabling them to calculatetheir clients’ premiums themselves.

And it reduces the time spent on paperwork by providing astructured approach to completing illustration and applicationforms.

The new CD-Rom also:

  • Provides an automatic calculation of the intermediary’scommission levels
  • Gives access to the latest product literature
  • Offers clear, concise sales aids

Intermediaries can obtain a CD-Rom by calling the NUHCHealthcare Sales Bureau on 0845 3000 649 (calls may be monitoredand/or recorded).

Press contact:
Louise Zucchi at Norwich Union on 08703 66 68 60 or 07860 203466

Notes to editors

  • Norwich Union Healthcare is the healthcare arm of NorwichUnion and provides a range of private medical insurance and incomeprotection products to around 750,000 customers. It is one of thelargest providers of income protection and private medicalinsurance in the UK.
  • Norwich Union is the UK’s largest insurer offering acomprehensive range of long-term savings and general insuranceproducts.
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