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Article date: 4 October 2002

More than three million car owners in Britain have chosen a namefor their cars, according to new research.

The study by the UK's largest insurer, Norwich Union, shows thatalmost one in five owners name a car, with drivers between 25 to 44most inclined to christen their wheels. The over 65s were leastkeen to consider personalising their vehicle.

The research was carried out to discover how car owners feelabout their cars and if those who choose to name their vehiclesdevelop a personal attachment to them.

The new study also shows:

  • Almost a quarter of women questioned admitted to giving theircar a name
  • One in five car owners in the Midlands has given a name totheir vehicle, yet only one in ten Scots confessed to doingso
  • Over half of names chosen were female, with both men and womenpreferring to give their cars a female identity.

Richard Alger, market development manager for Norwich Union,said: “Two thirds of car owners felt more attached to theirvehicle as a result of giving it a name. The most popular factorscontributing to the choice of name are the colour and registrationplate of the vehicle.

“It is interesting to see that most owners regard theirvehicle as female, with over fifty percent of owners giving femalenames – even Alex from ‘Big Brother’ reportedlycalled his first car ‘Ethel’ and went on to name hislatest car, a VW Beetle, ‘Bettie’!

“However naming a car is not a new thing – justthink of famous loveable cars such as ‘Herbie’,‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘KITT’ fromthe 80s Knight Rider series, suggesting a car with a name iscertainly more than just your average car!”

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Notes to editors

  • This research was conducted by ICM Research Limited forNorwich Union in August 2002 among 1000 car owners nation-wide.
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