Take care as you take to the slopes

Article date: 30 January 2003

Britain’s skiers are putting lives at risk with their lackof concern for safety, according to a new report.

One in five skiers aged 16-34 admits to being a ‘bit of adaredevil’ and happily taking risks on the slopes, accordingto research by Norwich Union Direct. Yet a quarter of themconfessed to not taking out travel insurance and 47 per cent ofthose who did were unaware if their policies also covered themoff-piste.

Nearly one in five young skiers say that they like to pushthemselves on difficult ski runs and, if they did have an accident,believe it would cost them less than £1,000.

However, the cost of a broken leg on a skiing holiday in France- the most popular skiing destination for young Brits - could beanything from £2,000 to £17,000. A serious break could require aweek in hospital and all the necessary care, travel home on astretcher accompanied by a nurse, and the use of an air ambulanceback to Britain for serious injuries.

Frankie Nicholson, product development manager at Norwich Union,said: “Looking cool and taking risks are perhaps all part ofthe excitement for young people when they go skiing, but we areencouraging them to take more care and ensure they have adequateinsurance before they go.”

Norwich Union Direct’s travel insurance policies nowinclude new features to help skiers allow for any mishaps on theslopes:

  • Improved winter sports cover – snowboarding andoff-piste skiing allowed under supervision and in areas deemedsafe by resort management.
  • Reduced rates for annual multi trip insurance policies - 15per cent on couples and single parent family cover and five percent on individual and family cover.
  • Annual multi-trip policies include winter sports holidays forup to 17 days.
  • Airport car park discounts. Norwich Union Direct customers canreceive a discount of up to 29 per cent at 19 UK airports throughBCP airport car parks.*

Norwich Union Direct has also joined forces with the RAC and nowincludes UK Motor Breakdown Rescue and Recovery as standard intravel insurance policies - providing extra protection forcustomers travelling to and from their departure point in theUK.

For more information about Norwich Union Direct’s travelproducts, customers should call 0800 092 7197 or visit http://www.norwichuniondirect.co.uk and receive a 10per cent discount for taking out cover on-line.


For further information contact Matt Buchanan at QBO on020 7379 0304 or Lucy Haughey/Liz Kennett at Norwich Union on 0870366 68 67/07801 901666

Notes To Editors:

Norwich Union commissioned Taylor Nelson Soffres to conductresearch with 3020 adults aged 16+ across Great Britain. The surveywas carried out on 25-27, 29-31 October and 01-03 November 2002

* The discount varies according to the airport

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