Norwich Union's initial response to today's announcement on Sandler products

Article date: 5 February 2003

With regard to today’s announcement by the Treasury, wefully endorse their approach in leaving the issue of the price capopen to consultation so that we can continue the discussion on whatan appropriate pricing structure would look like.

We share the Government’s vision of a retail financialservices market where ‘efficient providers of good valueproducts that meet consumer needs are able to prosper’, andagree with the proposal to commission independent research toestablish whether any price cap meets the needs of consumers,industry and Government.

By better understanding how the UK savings market reallyoperates, we believe the Government can achieve a strongerconsensus on what will make these products attractive to sell aswell as attractive to buy.

Commenting, Peter Hales, Sales & Marketing Director atNorwich Union Life, said: “The approach the Government istaking suggests they are keen that Sandler‘stakeholder’ products prove commercially viable forall. We think that’s the right approach. To ensure success,these new suite of products need to be right from the start. Weremain convinced that without a move away from the 1% price capthese products will not be successful.

“In relation to the product proposals, we are pleased theGovernment takes the view that a transparent with-profits styleproduct which offers smoothed exposure to equity markets is likelyto be valuable to many in the target market for these new products.This further re-affirms how important lower risk investments withsmoothing are to UK consumers and builds on the Raising Standardsinitiative to create greater transparency.

“In addition, the proposal to bring the currentstakeholder pension within the new suite of products is somethingwe strongly support. This will provide much needed simplicity forconsumers and the industry.”


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