Aviva expands operations in India

Article date: 11 February 2003

Aviva today announced plans to build a new call centre anddevelop a claims processing operation for its UK general insurancebusiness in India.

This move will give the group’s UK general insurancebusiness extra flexibility and capacity, while providing furtherscope to enhance efficiency and deliver a high level of service tocustomers.

Aviva’s existing activity in India includes a lifeassurance joint venture launched in 2002. The company also alreadyoutsources claims administrative services and software developmentwork to companies operating in India.

The new operation will employ around 1,000 people by the end of2003, and will form part of Norwich Union’s general insurancenetwork of call and claims centres. By taking advantage of the timedifference, the company will extend its capacity forround-the-clock claims processing, which will help improve serviceto customers.

The majority of jobs in India will arise from staff vacanciesand anticipated turnover in Norwich Union’s general insurancebusiness in the UK. The company aims to use natural turnover andinternal staff transfers in the UK to minimise any compulsoryredundancies.

During the year Aviva will assess what application offshoreoperations could have to other parts of its business.

Richard Harvey, group chief executive of Aviva plc, said:“Aviva is a global company, employing 64,000 people aroundthe world. We are operating in an increasingly competitiveenvironment and need to explore opportunities to improve ourefficiency, while delivering high levels of service to ourcustomers. Developing administrative capability in India is part ofthis process.”


For media enquiries, please contact:

Hayley Stimpson, Director of External Affairs
+44 (0)20 7662 7544
Sue Winston, Head of Group Media Relations
+44 (0)20 7662 8221
Stuart Blackmore, Financial Dynamics
+44 (0)20 7269 7241

For all other enquiries please contact:
John Hodgson, Offshoring Director, hodgsj2@norwich-union.co.uk

Notes to editors:

  • Aviva plc is the largest provider of life and pensions toEurope, the UK’s largest insurance group and has substantialpositions in other markets around the world. Aviva is theworld’s seventh-largest insurer based on worldwide grosswritten premiums.
  • Aviva's principal business activities are long-term savings,fund management and general insurance, with worldwide premiumincome and investment sales from ongoing business of more than £28billion, and over £200 billion in assets under management at 31December 2001.
  • Aviva’s news releases are available on the internet atwww.aviva.com
  • A selection of images are available from the Aviva Newscastsite at www.newscast.co.uk

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