It's raining cats and dogs at Norwich Union

Article date: 31 March 2003

Norwich Union is entering the pet insurance market with Cats andDogs, a policy aimed at helping Britain’s 14 million cat anddog owners cope with the rising vet bills.

The cost of veterinary treatment has risen dramatically inrecent years and this trend is set to continue. The most commoninjury - a broken leg - can cost up to £300 for a cat and £1,000for a dog.

And with one in three pets needing to visit the vet each year,owners can be faced with hundreds of pounds of unexpectedbills.

Norwich Union is offering people a choice of two cover optionsunder Cats and Dogs – Essential Cover for those unexpectedevents for a maximum of 12 months* and Lifelong Cover, where eachillness and injury can be covered for a lifetime.**

Premiums start at £8.30 per month for dogs and £4.69 per monthfor cats. Prices vary depending on location, age and breed of petand level of cover taken.

The benefits of Norwich Union’s ‘Cats andDogs’ policy include:

  • Vet fees
  • Third party liability for dogs if the owner is legally liablefor an accident involving their dog
  • Death by illness or injury
  • Loss or theft
  • Advertising and rewards if your cat or dog goes missing
  • Holiday cancellation if cat or dog needs emergencytreatment

Ian Bettridge, product development manager at Norwich Union,said: “Unfortunately there is no free health service foranimals, and with one in three pets needing to visit the vet eachyear, all too often owners end up facing bills of hundreds ofpounds to bring their four-legged friends back to health.

“We’ve launched our Cats and Dogs product to helptake the worry out of pet ownership so people can rest assuredknowing that if something goes wrong, their pet can get the besttreatment it needs.”

For a free quote or to take out a policy, call Norwich UnionDirect on 0800 107 0497 or visit the website


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Notes to editors:

* Essential cover – provides cover for a set amount perinjury or illness for 12 months only. If the monetary limit is usedup before the 12 month period ends then there is no more cover forthat condition. As it only covers for 12 months treatment from thedate the injury happened, or the illness was first noticed, itdoesn’t offer long-term cover for chronic conditions such asdiabetes or cancer.

** Lifelong cover is an extensive policy that aims to providecover for all conditions for the whole pet’s life. Offering amaximum benefit for all claims made in any one policy year.Including chronic illnesses, the client can claim year after year,for the same condition, provided the policy remains in force. Thelimit in the policy is reinstated at renewal regardless of anyclaims in the previous year.

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