Born to Win will inspire children to do more sport

Article date: 1 November 2003

Norwich Union’s support for the Born to Win event is partof a long-term strategy for the company to encourage and enablechildren across the UK to enjoy an active lifestyle to help fightthe problems of child obesity. In addition to the support given tothe Born to Win events, Norwich Union also commits a fifth of itssponsorship fees with UK athletics to the development of the sportat grassroots level to increase participation levels.

It is no secret that waistlines are expanding at an alarmingrate, and that the main cause of this is the decline in physicalactivity in favour of more inactive pastimes.

In addition to expanding existing, and creating new sportingopportunities for children across the country, Norwich Union isalso helping to nurture the new sporting role models that are sovital in providing the inspiration for future generations ofchildren to take part and get involved.

Through its major sponsorship of UK Athletics, Norwich Unionalready uses elite athletes to visit schools and inspire childrento do more sport, but Born to Win will produce high profile youngsports stars who have all shown a willingness to encourage childrento do more sport.

Gary Withers, chief executive of Norwich Union, explains: "It isimportant that children are involved in more physical activity. Notonly will it help their long-term health and well-being, but it isalso proven that it will help academic performance at school. Sportalso has an unrivalled power to engage young people, helping tochannel their energies into positive action, rather than negativeand potentially disruptive behaviour.

"All of the competitors in Born to Win have been very committed,and each has expressed a desire to help younger children to engagein more sporting activity. We know that role models provide anexcellent source of inspiration – we see this in ourgrassroots athletics programmes when they meet leading athletes– and Born to Win has also energised children to get involvedin sport."


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