Lazy Brits are hopeless holidaymakers

Article date: 26 January 2004

A third of British holidaymakers travel abroad without knowinganything about the country they are visiting, a new study revealstoday.

Seven out of ten tourists admit they regularly travel withoutthe recommended medical jabs, any travel insurance or even thecorrect visas according to the ‘Holiday Habits’ studyfrom Norwich Union.

And it appears that thousands of clueless tourists are missingout on what should be the most enjoyable weeks of the year simplythrough a lack of planning.

The study of the holiday habits of more than 2,000 adults showsthat 89% of Brits have had a holiday spoilt, often by factors thatcould have been avoided with a bit more planning.

In fact, some last minute holidaymakers admit to travelling tothe Caribbean during the hurricane season or turning up at snowlessski resorts too early or late in the season.

Norwich Union’s ‘Holiday Habits’ study alsoshows:

  • A quarter of people spend under two hours deciding where totravel to – less time than it takes to check in at theairport
  • One in ten people book a holiday with no research about theresort or country they will be visiting
  • Nearly a quarter of lazy Brits admit to not knowing thelanguage spoken at their holiday destination when travellingabroad. And a third of people don’t even learn the basics ofhow to say hello, please, thank-you and goodbye when holidaying ina non-English speaking country
  • ‘Experiencing another culture’ is seen to be theleast important consideration when booking their holiday and 29%have travelled without knowing the local customs of theirdestination
  • 42% of people admit their holidays could be improved if theytook more time to research and plan them
  • A third of young people feel pressured into going on moreexotic and exciting holidays

Frankie Nicholson, product manager for Norwich Union Travel,said: "With the increase in last minute offers and popularity ofbargain holidays on the internet, more people are booking theirholidays in a rush. This means many don’t have the time tofind out key information about their destination, have the correctjabs or courses of medication, some even fail to arrange travelinsurance before leaving the country.

"A holiday is the highlight of the year for many people. Takingthe time to plan your trip in advance can significantly increasethe chances of having an enjoyable experience"

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