Butt out, says Norwich Union

Article date: 23 April 2004

Insurer Norwich Union is urging pub landlords to check theirfire precautions following last week’s surprise announcementfrom JD Wetherspoon calling for a ban on smoking across all of its640 pubs.

John Smeaton, head of property underwriting at Norwich Union,said: "A total ban on smoking inside a building brings a new riskof fire caused by smokers gathering outside – or can evenlead to surreptitious smoking.

"With the UK Government looking to follow Ireland’sno-smoking lead, landlords should be putting provisions in place toproperly manage both risks.

"Our experience shows that nearly 10% of all fires resulting inloss of life and damage to property in bars, pubs and restaurantsare caused by discarded cigarettes – and it’s an easyarea to overlook.¹

"Pub and restaurant owners need to carefully assess the risks ofpeople smoking outside their premises, particularly if there arerubbish bins or storage areas nearby.

"A designated area outside or a covered shelter should beprovided, of non-combustible construction and equipped with bins orsand buckets specifically designed for smokers’ waste toallow cigarettes to be put out properly rather than discarded atrandom.

"Waste smoking materials must not be disposed of with generalrubbish, where they could smoulder and set light to it.

"An inspection of the buildings for smouldering cigarettes ormatches should be carried out by designated employees at the closeof each working day, as most large fires in commercial premisesoccur at night, often as a result of carelessly discarded cigaretteends or cleaners emptying cigarette ends into bags containingcombustible waste.

"We would advise all pub and restaurant owners to take advicefrom their insurance providers."


¹ The Fire Protection Association Library of Fire Safety,Yearbook 2003.

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