The chips are down in Hull

Article date: 28 October 2008

Drivers in Hull are today revealed as those most likely to get a chipped windscreen from Britain's roads.

A study of insurance claims from one of the UK's leading automotive glazing services' companies, which polled Britain's top cities, showed that Hull is where most drivers fall victim to chipped windscreens.

In fact, drivers are nine times more likely to get a chip in Hull than in London according to Auto Windscreens. In second place was Leicester, closely followed by Coventry, then Brighton.

And motorists behind the wheel of a Ford are, it appears, the unluckiest accounting for nearly 20% of all Auto Windscreens' repair jobs throughout the past year.

The study sample of over 54,000 insurance claim call-outs by Auto Windscreens is based on the proportion of people in each city requiring a repair to a windscreen over the past 12 months. 

Surprisingly Birmingham, the home of one of Britain's busiest road networks, Spaghetti Junction, came 19th out of the 20 cities studied.  Even more surprisingly, London is the least likely place drivers will experience damage to their windscreens.

The research follows a report released this month concerning council spend which revealed how councils spend a greater amount financing compensation claims than they do on repairing the cracks in our roads.1

The report saw town hall leaders argue that the £53 million paid out to motorists last year could have been spent repairing more than a quarter of the estimated 3.5 million holes in English and Welsh roads.

Auto Windscreens' research reflects the need for greater investment in road improvement in key British cities with three of the top ranking ‘chip cities' falling into those regions with the least spend on new construction and improvement for local roads.2

Abu-Haris Shafi, managing director of Auto Windscreens said: "The study certainly raises questions about the investment in local roads.

"It would appear that the quality of Britain's roads is related to the number of chips in key cities, and therefore the number of chipped windscreens and potential cost to drivers.

"We want to challenge the chips on Britain's most hazardous roads by educating motorists on how essential it is to repair even the smallest chip in a windscreen and prevent further damage.

"In the current financial climate, drivers are looking to save money where possible. In the majority of cases, drivers can keep their costs down by having the windscreen repaired rather than replaced, and also get the vehicle back on the road faster."

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Notes to editors:

About Auto Windscreens
Established in 1971, Auto Windscreens provides a complete automotive glazing repair and replacement service (windscreens, rear windows and side windows) to private motorists, fleets and the insurance industry.

Auto Windscreens is the only replacement windscreen specialist with its own UK manufacturing operation, producing 250,000 windscreens a year in a dedicated factory in Chesterfield.

With a national network of fitting centres, backed by a fleet of  fully equipped mobile fitting units, Auto Windscreens provides a true 24/7 national service for private and corporate customers every year.

Auto Windscreens is the only automotive glazing repair and replacement company to have the innovative wet weather canopy. Designed in-house, the canopy ensures more mobile jobs can be completed during wet weather. 


Top 20 - Number of chipped windscreens per city per 1,000 people:

  1. Hull - 29.3
  2. Leicester - 23.3
  3. Coventry - 19.3
  4. Brighton - 18
  5. Nottingham - 16.7
  6. Manchester - 16.5
  7. Sunderland - 14
  8. Stoke-on-Trent - 13.3
  9. Newcastle - 12.7
  10. Liverpool - 10
  11. Edinburgh - 9.4
  12. Wakefield  - 8.9
  13. Leeds - 8.7
  14. Bristol - 8.6
  15. Sheffield - 8.3
  16. Cardiff - 7.2
  17. Glasgow - 6.3
  18. Belfast - 6.0
  19. Birmingham - 5.6
  20. London - 3.1

Number of call-outs over a year by car manufacturer:

  1. Ford - 9,912
  2. Vauxhall - 6,324
  3. Volkswagen - 4,320
  4. Renault - 3,480
  5. BMW - 3,108
  6. Peugeot - 2,676
  7. Mercedes - 2,436
  8. Toyota - 2,316
  9. Nissan - 2,076
  10. Honda - 1,908

1 Source: Local Government Association press release, "£53m cost of pothole claims matches road fixing spending" released on 8 October 2008.

2 Source: Local Government Association report "Regional expenditure on roads 2005-2006" ( is no longer active)

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