Norwich Union switches on electronics solution

Article date: 30 April 2004

Norwich Union has launched a guide to the electronics sector tohelp intermediaries gain competitive edge in this fast growingmarket.

Designed to help intermediaries identify new businessopportunities through a comprehensive understanding of risks inthis sector, the guide provides a market overview of this segment,including current conditions, common processes and riskmanagement.

Kate Walker, product manager at Norwich Union, explains: "Theelectronics guide supports our segmented approach by continuing todevelop solutions to help intermediaries enter new markets.

"Electronics is forecast to be the largest sector of the UKeconomy within the next few years, offering great potential tothose intermediaries who are well versed in the industry. Thesector is extremely diverse, ranging from small-scale domesticwhite goods suppliers to global office equipment manufacturers andtelecommunications providers, which is why this comprehensive guidewill prove a valuable reference tool.

"The electronics sector has seen a unprecedented rate of growthover the past few years which, supported by major Governmentinvestment, is showing no signs of slowing. Insurers andintermediaries active in this complex and constantly changingmarket need to respond quickly to provide a prompt andknowledgeable service."

Norwich Union has a specialist team of industry experts and alarge network of underwriters experienced in a wide range ofelectronics risks. All customers can access Norwich Union’srisk helpline, legal and tax helpline, 24 hour claims service andpreferred suppliers.

All new product ranges from Norwich Union provide GISC-friendlyproduct literature to help intermediaries comply with thecommercial code.

Visit http://www.nuebroking.comor contact Kate Walker at Norwich Union on tel 020 7817 6105.


For further information, please contact:
Alison Owen at Staniforth on 0161 274 0100 or David Ross at NorwichUnion on 08703 66 68 65/07786 526350.

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