Toolkit launched in a bid to cut work-related motor accidents

Article date: 25 June 2004

Norwich Union is launching a risk management toolkit for fleetoperators in a bid to reduce the number of motor accidentsinvolving occupational drivers.

Government statistics show that almost a third of all roadtraffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time - morethan 20 people die a week and more than 250 are seriously injuredin motor accidents while simply doing their job of work.

Norwich Union's own statistics* show:

  • 85% of fleets are not covering four of the most basic riskmanagement procedures, ie licence checking, new driver vetting,issuing a driver’s handbook and investigating accidents
  • fewer than 8% of fleets are doing any kind of drivertraining.

While supporting the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE)and Department for Transport’s guide promoting management ofwork-related accidents, Norwich Union – the UK’slargest insurer of fleets – has gone one step further inproducing its own work-related road safety CD-Rom, which is beingsent out to fleet operators this week.

This interactive device – called Roadsense: Save Lives,Save Money – includes information and advice on simplerisk management procedures such as new driver vetting, issuing adriver handbook and investigating accidents, as well as printabletemplates and guides which operators can download and use withtheir own drivers.

Kevin Edwards, head of motor underwriting at Norwich Union,said: "Research shows that the main concern of fleet operators isfleet safety and while they are becoming increasingly aware of theissue, many do not know where to turn for professional advice.

"That’s why Norwich Union has developed this CD-Rom togive to its fleet customers access to practical risk managementadvice on occupational driving. We are also working with otheragencies to raise the profile of the issue."

Norwich Union, which insures 20% of the fleet market, would liketo see greater emphasis given to enforcing occupational roadsafety, including an "Approved Code of Practice" on the issue.

Mr Edwards added: "Work-related road accidents are the biggestcause of industrial fatalities in this country - in fact, morepeople are killed in work-related road accidents than in all othercategories of occupational deaths put together.

"We believe that current health and safety law is toowide-ranging to cover road safety which is why we want a specificcode of practice to cover this aspect.

"We’d also like to see the HSE accelerate itsinvestigation and enforcement activities with the policeauthorities.

"This will take time and resources, but it is not onlyworthwhile but much-needed – no other work activity in the UKwould allow 20 people a week be killed without a major outcry."

Norwich Union fleet clients who have not yet received theirCD-Rom can call 0800 0150152 to request a copy.


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Notes to editors:

* Research conducted with 12,000 Norwich Union fleetpolicyholders from July 2002 to December 2003

  • Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer with a market shareof around 14%. With a focus on insurance for individuals and smallbusinesses, Norwich Union insures:
    • one in five households
    • one in seven motor vehicles 
    • more than 800,000 businesses
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