RAC plc extends supply of non-combat vehicles to RAF

Article date: 5 February 2003

RAC plc, the motoring and vehicle solutions company, has renewedLex Defence’s contract to supply the 3,300-strong RAFnon-combatant vehicle fleet for a further eight years, beginning inFebruary 2003. Added to Lex Defence’s £500 million WhiteFleet contract, the company now supplies over 12,500 vehicles tothe British armed forces, to a value of over £600 million.
The vehicles supplied under the contract range from motorcycles,cars, vans and coaches, to trucks and trailers, many of which havebeen built for specialised military applications.
The original RAF white fleet contract was a‘pathfinder’ contract signed in 1994. The UK WhiteFleet agreement is a 10-year contract, which runs until 2011. LexDefence provides a complete vehicle support service for the Army,Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and other MoD customers throughoutBritain, fulfilled by Lex Vehicle Leasing and Lex Transfleet.
Colonel David Ruff, leader of the Defence Logistics Organisation(DLO) team that awarded the contract commented: "This expansion ofthe contract is a testament to the strength of the partnershipwhich has been formed between the MoD and Lex Defence."
Andy Harrison, Chief Executive, RAC plc, said: "I am delighted tobe adding this extension of the White Fleet to our growingpartnership with the Ministry of Defence."


For further information please contact:
Kay Saunders, Lex Defence Ltd 07764 241386kay.saunders@lex.co.uk

Notes to editors
RAC plc provides motoring and vehicle solutions to individual andbusiness customers through five inter-related businessgroupings:
RAC Consumer Services sells a comprehensive range of motoringsolutions to individual customers, including financial, legal andtravel services, RAC Auto Windscreens and BSM.
RAC Business Solutions, including Lex Defence, sells motoring andrelated business solutions to business customers and managescomplex outsourcing bids for large public and private sectororganisations.
Lex Vehicle Leasing is the UK’s leading car and van contracthire company, providing solutions for fleets of all sizes togetherwith personal leasing and employee car ownership schemes.
Lex Industrial Solutions includes mechanical handling, fleetmanagement and commercial vehicle contract hire, bringing togetheractivities with similar types of customer and operations.
Manufacturer Support Services provide outsourced marketing andinventory management services, primarily to vehiclemanufacturers.

Lex Defence
Lex Defence provides a unique range of skills and services tosupport the fleet requirements of the British Armed Forces.
The relationship between the two organisations dates back over 80years in some areas, allowing Lex Defence to fully understand theoperational and commercial demands involved in providing thisservice.
The Lex Defence companies who serve the British Armed Forcesare:
Lex Defence White Fleet - (a joint Lex Transfleet and Lex VehicleLeasing company) supplying and managing the 12,500 strongtri-service White Fleet (including cars, commercial vehicles andspecialist vehicles).
Lex Transfleet – providing a vehicle workshop and fulltransport service to the Aldershot Garrison, covering sixindividual garrisons. Lex Multipart Defence - providing sparessupport and Base Inspection & Repair services to the ChallengerII Main Battle Tank, through contracts with Alvis Vickers Limited.Lex Multipart Defence also supplies parts for the Leyland fleet ofmilitary vehicles and as the Industrial Prime Vendor for NPPO,supplies over 30,000 items of General Engineering Hardware itemsdirect to the three services.
Lex Fleetserve - providing MT workshop stores management for theRoyal Navy & RAF and supporting the White Fleet withconsumables directly to 50+ fleet locations.
RAC Software Solutions – providing the industry leadingTRANMAN Fleet Management software package to the Royal Navy, Armyand Royal Air Force and related organisations such as ABRO.
RAC – providing breakdown services.
RAC AutoWindscreens - providing automotive glass repair andreplacement service.
BSM - trains more than 6,000 military personnel each year.

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