Norwich Union's initial comments on Turner Report

Article date: 30 November 2005

Gary Withers, chief executive Norwich Union Life, said: "Thereport contains some good concepts, particularly the idea ofincreasing flexibility of annuities*, and the simplification of thestate second pension by phasing the removal of contractingout.

"But clarification is needed around the assumption that theNational Pension Saving Scheme (NPSS) will be an unregulatedproduct; not least because of the potential impact this has onequivalent private pensions products.

"With this in mind, we also question whether the proposed 0.3%annual management charge (AMC) figure is realistic if placed underthe same regulatory burden the financial services industrycurrently faces.

"We also have significant concerns regarding the efficiency andquality of the planned Government-run National Pensions PaymentSystem, where experience has shown that major problems can occur.There is a track record of the private sector being a moreeffective operator of such systems."


*The proposals suggest that a cash limit should beapplied on the amount which individuals are required to purchase anannuity at any age. This issue would need to be investigatedproperly before implementation to avoid potential negative affectson individuals.

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