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Article date: 16 February 2006

  • Norwich Union reveals the cost ofbroken legs can vary dramatically from country tocountry

Broken legs are the most common injuries on theslopes, but where the accident takes place can make a hugedifference to the medical bill, according to new research releasedtoday.

The USA is by far the most expensive ski destination to fracture aleg, setting uninsured ski enthusiasts back a whopping £20,000,while in Canada it comes to £13,000.

In Europe Switzerland comes out top. Breaking a leg there will costaround £6,000. Meanwhile a broken leg in Italy, where the 2006Winter Olympics are currently taking place, comes in at£4,000.

Norwich Union has compiled a list of the top five most expensivewinter sports destinations for injuries such as broken legs:

‘Don't break a leg here’ Top 5


Average cost of a broken leg

1. USA


2. Canada


3. Switzerland


4. Austria


5. Italy and France


(Norwich Union claims statistics 2006)

Dawn McMullan, travel product manager, at Norwich Union said: "Withall eyes on the Turin Winter Olympics, there's an increasedinterest in winter sports and people should remember to take outtravel insurance with winter sports optional cover before hittingthe slopes."

While other favourite ski destinations can come in cheaper,ultimately, says Norwich Union, it's not just about the medicalbills.

Dawn McMullan, added: "People want peace of mind when they're onholiday - they need to know that they'll be looked after in case ofan accident. If you do happen to break a leg or incur any othersort of injury, it's stressful enough having to go to hospital,worry about your health and change all your holiday plans withouthaving to think about the financial aspect of your injury."

Ski enthusiasts travelling to the slopes of the EU can now benefitfrom the recently introduced European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)but Norwich Union advises caution to holidaymakers who rely on itto cover them for an accident.

"People should bear in mind that the level of cover provided by theEHIC card depends on the country visited and may not cover alltreatment costs and services like mountain rescue and repatriation.The EHIC should be seen as complementary to travel insurance, notas an alternative”, said McMullan.

And while the Olympic athletes in Turin will no doubt make it downthe pistes without too many problems, uninsured ski enthusiastscould expect to pay a fair amount for injuries on the slopes ofItaly, as the following table compiled by Norwich Unionshows:

Average cost of ski injuries in Italy


Average cost in medical bills

Broken leg


Broken ankle


Broken pelvis


Broken nose


(Norwich Union claims statistics 2006)
Unless otherwise specified, all data has been provided by CEGAgroup


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