Eggstra traffic means roads will be chocca at Easter

Article date: 10 April 2006

Trafficmaster PLC, a leading supplier of real-time trafficinformation, intelligent vehicle tracking and navigation solutions,and traffic and travel experts RAC predict journey times on mainholiday routes could increase by 100%, whilst commuter routes couldincrease by 50% in the build up to the Easter holiday.

Maundy Thursday, which falls on the 13 April, will be the worstday. Traffic will build up from 1pm onwards when people will beleaving work early. Later on in the afternoon commuter traffic willmix with holidaymakers, and delays could add on an extra 40 minutesto journey times on roads out of city centres and on main motorwaylinks.

Traditionally one of the worst traffic hotspots is on the M1Northbound around junctions 7, 8, 9, and 10. On average over160,000 vehicles use this stretch of road a day and with the longterm road works between junctions 6a and junction 10 combined withthe Bank Holiday increase in traffic could result in severedelays.

Trafficmaster collates live traffic flow data through its networkof 7,500 roadside sensors. This information is enhanced withincident information, including road works, from RAC. Usinghistorical traffic data, Trafficmaster and RAC predict that thefollowing roads will also experience heavy congestion:

South and South East

  • M25 – especially junctions 20, 21, 16, and 15
  • M4 westbound from London
  • M3/M27 interchange area (M3 junctions 10 -14 and M27 junctions3 – 5)


  • M5 southbound from Bristol


  • A1 and A1M northbound - junctions 3, 4 and 7
  • M11 – especially around junctions 7, 8, 13 and 14
  • A14 east and westbound especially around Cambridge andHuntingdon


  • M1 around junctions 21 to 26
  • M6 – especially around junctions 4, 11 and 12 
  • M42 in both directions
  • M6 north of Birmingham - Toll road should alleviate some ofthe problems, however it will be heavily used by motorists tryingto avoid traffic on the M6 and bottlenecks appear where the M6 andM6 toll merge


  • Motorways around Manchester
  • M62 both directions around Leeds


  • A720 around Edinburgh
  • M8 in and out of Edinburgh
  • M8 through Glasgow
  • M80 to and from Glasgow

Once Maundy Thursday is over, other days to watch out for overthe Easter break are:

  • Monday 17 April in the evening in England and Wales. Trafficwill build up from around 6pm to 10pm as people make their wayhome after the bank holiday
  • Sunday 23 April in the evening. In some areas, people will bereturning from the extended Easter holiday.

RAC recommends the following advice to help motorists make themost of the Easter break:

  • If taking to the road, plan your route and have an alternativeat the ready in case of delays. Check local radio stations ortravel services at
  • If it’s safe and legal to do so, call 1740 from yourmobile for up to the minute traffic information
  • Accidents and breakdowns can bring traffic to a standstill somake sure you keep your speed down and keep a good distancebetween you and the vehicle in front
  • A quick check of oil and water levels before setting off andchecking the condition and pressure of the tyres while stopping atpetrol stations could help to prevent a breakdown
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for your journey, be aware thatthe stop/start conditions of sitting in traffic jams uses morefuel
  • Lockouts can also a problem at this time of year. Get into thehabit of unlocking a vehicle first then opening the boot to avoidaccidentally locking the keys in.

For further information in your region or to broadcast fromTrafficmaster’s Control Centre in Bedfordshire, pleasecontact Georgina Osborn on telephone 01234 759 315 or 


For more information:
Georgina Osborn
Telephone +44 (0)1234 759315

Adam Cracknell or Jenny Chapman at RAC Press Office on 01603 684916or 01603 684224.

Notes to editors:

About Trafficmaster
Founded in1988, Trafficmaster Plc is a leading supplier of real-time trafficinformation, intelligent vehicle tracking and navigation solutions.Its headquarters are based in Cranfield and it also has operationsin North America, under the Teletrac brand. Trafficmaster providesadvanced satellite navigation, vehicle tracking and diagnostics,fleet management solutions and real-time traffic information.

Trafficmaster’s traffic information is derived from itsunique state-of-the-art network of nationwide static roadsidesensors and transmitters that gather and distribute traffic datafrom over 8,000 miles of motorway and trunk routes. Traffic data isthen delivered to the customer through a number of screen orspeech-based receivers. These include a variety of in-car productsand services that include Smartnav, Trafficmaster Monitor, YQ²,Oracle and Freeway units. Trafficmaster also provides a Radio DataSystem Traffic Message Channel service that supplies traffic datato satellite navigation systems. Traffic information can also beobtained by phoning the 1740 service, which is run in partnershipwith the RAC and the UK’s main mobile phone operators.

About RAC
With around seven million members, RAC is oneof the UK's most progressive motoring organizations, providingservices for both private and business motorists. Whether it'sroadside assistance, windscreen repair and replacement, learning todrive, vehicle inspections and checks, legal and financial servicesor up-to-the-minute traffic and travel information - RAC is able tomeet motorists’ needs. RAC incorporates BSM, RAC AutoWindscreens, RAC Direct Insurance and HPI.

Aviva bought RAC last year. The acquisition brings together RAC'spowerful brand and customer base with the expertise and leadingposition in motor insurance of Norwich Union Insurance (part ofAviva). Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer, insuringone-in-seven motor vehicles and with a market share of around14%.

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