Kevin Cooper Motor Factors select HPI to perfect parts process

Article date: 29 August 2006

Leading south west England car parts suppliers, Kevin CooperMotor Factors, has signed a two-year deal with HPI, using itsdatabase to identify the right car parts for its customers.

The company’s 16 branches across Devon and Cornwall aretapping into HPI’s vehicle records expertise for more than50,000 annual identity checks to ensure that parts are specifiedaccurately, so saving money and time incurred by manualerrors.

Nick Yeo, IT manager for Kevin Cooper Motor Factors, says:“The main reason we installed the HPI service was to improvethe accuracy of the parts we supply our customers, based oninformation relating to make, model, engine size, etc.

“We are finding increasingly that some models’variants are not always easy to identify, so our trade customersin particular were spending a lot of time trying to give usaccurate information. With the new service, the customer is ableto provide us with the registration number, the parts theyrequire, and we do the rest. The HPI information gives us all thedetails we need on the vehicle, meaning a reduction in returns anda more efficient, time-saving and cost-effectiveservice.”

Daniel Burgess, Director of Automotive at HPI, says: “Thecost of recalling and re-packaging an incorrect car part can costas much as ordering it in the first place and this is a scenariothat can be avoided by having instant access to in-depth vehicledata.

“The potential problems caused by having to ask customersthe necessary details about their cars – which is often toomuch to expect of them – are a thing of the past with thequality of data now available.”


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