Invisishield set to immobilise motor thefts in UK

Article date: 5 September 2006

A new security device from RAC is set to help reduce car theftsin the UK, regardless of the thief having the owner’skeys.

RAC Invisishield works by being an invisible guard against vehicletheft. A sensor is fitted in the inside of the car in a secretlocation of the owner’s choice, which can only be activatedby a special fob unique to the owner. There are no buttons to pressor codes to remember; the owner simply needs to hold the fobagainst the sensor for a couple of seconds, which disarms thesystem, allowing the car to then be started in the usual way. Thismeans that if thieves do get hold of car keys they won’t beable to start the car, even if they have the fob, as they stillhave to find the secret location (an almost impossible task giventhe number of possible locations).

Home Office statistics show that over 80% of stolen cars are drivenaway by thieves using the owner’s car keys*. In addition tokeys being stolen from places such as pockets and handbags, thievesare now resorting to burglaries and muggings, specifically to stealcar keys.

Simon Bates, RAC marketing manager said: "The reality is that noone is immune from car theft. Thieves are becoming ever moreintrusive in the way they steal cars, resorting to stealing carkeys through burglaries and muggings. Once a thief has the car keysit renders alarms and immobilisers useless. RAC Invisishield is asophisticated piece of technology that will ensure the thief willnot be able start the engine, regardless of having the keys, henceavoiding the sheer inconvenience and distress of having a carstolen."

Invisishield, which was developed by Karma Innovations in the UKand is manufactured in Bridgend.

The product retails for £249 including professional installation byRAC technicians, at either a fitting centre or at home or work. Formore information and to arrange an installation call 01246 223274.


RAC Press office contact:

Adam Cracknell on 01603 684916 or 07800 699517

Notes to editors:

*Home Office research (Emerging Methods of Car Theft- Dec 2004) shows that there is an increasing trend in keys beingused to steal cars – particularly by committing burglary. Forcars registered after 1997, keys were used in 85% of incidentswhere the method of theft was known.

  • Invisishield does not affect your car’s performance inany way
  • Invisishield comes with a 12 month guarantee
  • Invisishield uses state of the art electronic technology andis UK-designed and made.

About RAC:
With around seven million members, RAC isone of the UK's most progressive motoring organizations, providingservices for both private and business motorists. Whether it'sroadside assistance, windscreen repair and replacement, learning todrive, vehicle inspections and checks, legal and financial servicesor up-to-the-minute traffic and travel information - RAC is able tomeet motorists’ needs. RAC incorporates BSM, RAC AutoWindscreens, RAC Direct Insurance and HPI.

Aviva bought RAC last year. The acquisition brings together RAC'spowerful brand and customer base with the expertise and leadingposition in motor insurance of Norwich Union Insurance (part ofAviva). Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer, insuring one inseven motor vehicles and with a market share of around 14%.

About Karma Innovations Ltd:
Invisishield is the trading name of the company Karma InnovationsLtd. which is based in South Wales. The company is committed todeveloping sophisticated security systems which are easy touse.

The Invisishield anti car theft system achieves this through theuse of Radio Frequency Identification Technology which isconfigured to make the system easy to use and virtually impossiblefor the would be thief to overcome. It is designed to prevent cartheft even when the thief has the owner’s keys. Thedevelopment of the system was undertaken in direct response to thevastly increased incidence of the use of owner’s keys in cartheft. This typifies the company’s approach to using itstechnical expertise to solve real, practical security problems andneeds.

The company is currently developing Invisishield solutions to theftof motor cycles and Heavy Goods Vehicles using similartechnology.

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