Norwich Union sponsors Ian Wright's Unfit Kids on Channel 4

Article date: 4 September 2006

Norwich Union, the number one sponsor of UK Athletics since1999, is sponsoring Channel 4’s brand new show, IanWright’s Unfit Kids from the beginning of September toshowcase its support for grassroots sport to a wideraudience.

Arsenal football legend Ian Wright attempts to improve the healthof eight out-of-shape north London teenagers. Over six months,Wright works intensively with the exercise-shy youngsters toencourage them to adopt more active, energetic lifestyles.Throughout the series, Ian also explores the wider cultural issuesthat have contributed to the alarming rise in childhood obesity; atrend that medical experts suggest is a health disaster waiting tohappen for the nation’s children.

Norwich Union recently announced that it is to extend itspartnership with UK Athletics until 2012 with a £50 millioninvestment that will help revolutionise the sport. By trebling itsinvestment in grassroots athletics, it is estimated that by 2012over 10 million children, 1.5 million families and over 100,000teachers in nearly every school in the country will have beenengaged in Norwich Union initiatives.

Tanya Veingard, head of sponsorship and corporate socialresponsibility at Norwich Union, said: “Our grassrootsathletics schemes already engage over a million children each yearand continue to grow. We already work with Kelly Holmes and otherhigh profile athletes to educate, inspire and facilitate moresporting opportunities for children across the country inside andoutside school hours. The sponsorship of Ian Wright’s UnfitKids is a natural extension of this and an ideal vehicle to helptake our support for school sport to a much wider audience. We hopeit will make a real difference to the way people view theimportance of school sport and an active lifestyle.”

The deal includes broadcast sponsorship of three x 60 minuteepisodes on Channel 4 and repeat episodes showing on More4. Thesponsorship also includes red button interactivity within thesponsorship bumpers, viewers can request a brochure which featuresadvice for parents on how to help and encourage their children toexercise both in and out of school.

OMD Fuse negotiated the deal with Channel 4 sponsorship.


For more information contact:

Becky Oxley at Channel 4 
Telephone: 0207 306 3751 

Tanya Veingard at Norwich Union
Telephone: 0207 662 3616 

More information can be found on Norwich Union’s website

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