Motorists find breakdown satisfaction at their fingertips

Article date: 10 October 2006

Motorists who break down can now give RAC patrols instantfeedback on their satisfaction with the service – thanks tostate-of-the-art handheld technology.

RAC’s 1,700 rescue patrols across the UK have been issuedwith PDAs that customers can use at the roadside to record theirviews on response times, the skill of patrols and call-centreoperators and overall service satisfaction. It takes customers justseconds to answer a questionnaire on the handheld device, and theinformation is instantly relayed to the RAC’s managementinformation systems department where the results are processedwithin 24 hours, allowing RAC to speedily address issues.

“Since rolling out the new devices we have increased thefeedback rate from customers to around 75%. They are happy torecord their satisfaction on the spot,” said project managerPam Dutton. “Previously, only about a quarter of customersremembered to fill in a feedback postcard and return it by post.And the data took six weeks to process.

“Now we have a very quick turnaround of data, giving us thechance to quickly resolve any issues and keep customer satisfactionlevels high. By asking very specific questions – for exampleabout the patrol’s knowledge or even their appearance –we can spot trends in patrol performance and address issues viaspecific training.”

The PDA can be set up to provide RAC’s motor manufacturercustomers with specific, tailored questions that give them valuablefeedback. RAC handles around 2.5 million breakdowns a year in theUK, providing specialist support and equipment 24:7 to aid vehiclerepair, rescue and recovery.


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Notes to editors:

About RAC
With around seven millionmembers, RAC is one of the UK's most progressive motoringorganizations, providing services for both private and businessmotorists. Whether it's roadside assistance, windscreen repair andreplacement, learning to drive, vehicle inspections and checks,legal and financial services or up-to-the-minute traffic and travelinformation - RAC is able to meet motorists’ needs. RACincorporates BSM, RAC Auto Windscreens, RAC Direct Insurance andHPI.

Aviva bought RAC in May 2005. The acquisition brings together RAC'spowerful brand and customer base with the expertise and leadingposition in motor insurance of Norwich Union Insurance (part ofAviva). Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer, insuring one inseven motor vehicles and with a market share of around 14%.

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