RAC launches desktop widget

Article date: 20 November 2006

The RAC Widget was launched today, allowing computer users toaccess route planning information, road maps, traffic news andmileage calculations, all from the comfort of their owndesktop!

RAC has teamed up with Yahoo! to offer one of the mostinteractive widgets in the marketplace. The widget can bedownloaded from the RAC homepage and will soon be available fromthe Yahoo! Widget Engine straight to users desktops.

The widget sits on their desktop and every time they wish toplan a route, check for traffic, check mileage or claim fuel allthey have to do is enter their start point and destination into thefields and they are brought to the results, either on RAC’swebsite or the widget itself.

The widget has three sections:

  • RAC Routeplanner - the user just types departure anddestination details into the widget and this will fire up theroute that they wish to take from the RAC Routeplanner on thewebsite.
  • Mileage calculator - this will check the distance between twopoints as well as calculating the fuel consumption to aidcustomers in company expense claims.
  • Traffic information - the customer can use the widget toaccess real time traffic news in their region from the RACwebsite.

Jonathon Brown, head of RAC eChannels, said: “Building onRAC’s commitment to being the motoring expert dedicated tohelping the motorist, RAC has designed a widget to bring the RAConline experience right onto the customers’ desktop. Anyonecan download the widget – you don’t have to be a RACmember.

“When we all start thinking of how to get home, users canpop some information into the widget and it will tell them how toget home, how long it will take and what the traffic will be like.Also, this widget has a mileage calculator that will also calculateexpenses for fuel claims in one easy step”.

The Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) is ajavascript runtime engine for Windows, launched back in 2005.

Members of the public can download the RAC Widget from eitherwww.rac.co.uk or http://widgets.yahoo.com/info.


RAC Press office contact:
Adam Cracknellat RAC Press Office on 01603 684916 or 07800 699517

Notes to editors
About RAC

  • With around seven million members, RAC is one of the UK's mostprogressive motoring organizations, providing services for bothprivate and business motorists. Whether it's roadside assistance,windscreen repair and replacement, learning to drive, vehicleinspections and checks, legal and financial services orup-to-the-minute traffic and travel information - RAC is able tomeet motorists’ needs. RAC incorporates BSM, RAC AutoWindscreens, RAC Direct Insurance and HPI.
  • Aviva bought RAC last year. The acquisition brings togetherRAC's powerful brand and customer base with the expertise andleading position in motor insurance of Norwich Union Insurance(part of Aviva). Norwich Union is the UK's largest insurer,insuring one in seven motor vehicles and with a market share ofaround 14 per cent.

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