British motorists risk safety and costly damage to cars by winter windscreen faux pas

Article date: 8 December 2006

  • Impatience and lack of knowledge causing dangerous drivingconditions

New research1 shows that Britishmotorists are risking their personal safety and causing costlydamage to their vehicles by failing to take the correct measures toclear their car windscreens of frost and ice before setting off ona journey.

The research by RAC Auto Windscreens reveals that 42% of driversconfess that impatience means they regularly set off on a journeywithout having defrosted their windscreens thoroughly.

The survey also reveals that icy windscreens are playing havoc withmorning schedules causing over a quarter (26%) of commuters delaysof up to 20 minutes on their car journeys to work eachmorning.

Many motorists mistakenly use methods that can result in crackedwindscreens and broken wipers:

  • Nearly a third (29%) of drivers pour hot water on to thewindscreen to de-ice it
  • Over a quarter (27%) of motorists have used a credit card toscrape ice off the windscreen
  • 43% of car-owners have used their wipers to remove ice or snowfrom the windscreen.

Furthermore, with as many as 54% of motoristsadmitting to leaving their engines running in the driveway in orderto speed up defrosting of their windscreens, the possibility oftheft is also cause for concern – not to mention theenvironmental impact.

RAC Auto Windscreens is urging motorists to be properly preparedfor the approaching cold snap by highlighting the dangers ofdriving without clear vision and the risks motorists are taking inbeing penalised. According to the survey, 39% of people are unawarethat driving with "porthole" vision can result in a fine of £1000and driving licence penalty points. More worrying still is the factthat as many as one in ten accidents on the UK’s roads arecaused by vision impairment2, which can result from iceand snow on the windscreen.

John Tutt, RAC Auto Windscreens operations director, says:“Our research shows that many motorists are taking inadequateand potentially dangerous measures to de-frost their windscreensduring the winter months. The most common mistakes to make aretrying to clear ice with credit cards or windscreen wipers whichcan scratch the glass or pouring hot water which can causecracking. It’s important that drivers take the extra time toprepare their cars for winter conditions safely and ensure thattheir windscreens are free of ice and frost before setting off on ajourney.”

RAC Auto Windscreens winter motoring tips:

  1. Before setting out on a journey, use a windscreen scraper or ade-icer to remove ice from your vehicle - do not use warm waterfrom a kettle, as resulting problems may include a crackedwindscreen 
  2. Carry a key de-icer with you to clear your lock
  3. Do not drive with a small hole cut through the ice on yourwindscreen. The Highway Code states that it is illegalto drive with poor visibility 
  4. Ensure all windows and mirrors are completely demisted andtotally cleared of ice using a can of de-icer and a windscreenscraper
  5. Check front and rear wiper blades for wear or splitting. Checkwindscreen washers making sure that they are adjusted correctly.Screen wash additive should be added to prevent freezing inwinter.

Motorists can find out more information on winter driving at theRAC Know How section at


1. Research carried out with over 1000 motorists,Tickbox, November 2006
2. DfT Road Casualties in Great Britain Annual Report2005-published 28 September 2006

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