Active Protector Fund celebrates second anniversary helping investors during market uncertainty

Article date: 12 March 2007

Norwich Union’s Active Protector Fund has celebrated itssecond anniversary, whilst its features are helping investors tofeel secure in the face of current market uncertainty.

On the 19 February 2007, the fund’s share price reached ahigh of 124 pence. This means that anyone who invested on day oneof its launch will already have around 99% of their initialinvestment protected despite the market’s recent turmoil.This is a result of Active Protector’s in-built safeguard,which prevents investments from falling below 80% of the highestshare price ever received.

The announcement comes after Zurich - the market leader in thisfield - closed its Threadneedle Protected Profits Fund to newcustomers, making Active Protector an attractive alternative forcustomers.

Norwich Union has also taken steps to make the fund even moreappealing to potential investors and financial advisers byproducing a range of revised supporting literature to improveadviser and customer understanding.

Neil Davies, director of marketing investments at Norwich Union,said: “Since its introduction the Active Protector Fund hasdelivered impressive results, both in terms of growth andprotection. The fund is doing exactly what we said it would andthis is great news given recent market volatility - we aredelighted its first customers will now see nearly all of theirinvestment protected in only two years.

“This fund is ideal for cautious investors who would like thepotential to benefit from the stock market, while at the same timelimiting their exposure to the obvious risks.”

Past performance is not a guide to the future – the value ofa fund and any income from it can go down as well as up and theinvestor may not get back what they put in.


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Notes to editors:

About the Norwich Union Active ProtectorFund
The Norwich Active Protector Fund was launched 1March 2005.

The fund provides an opportunity for growth through linkingperformance to a mix of equities and fixed interests. Performanceis linked to a diversified investment portfolio, which can spreadthe investment risk across a range of assets.

A choice of investment routes is available: ISA, directinvestments, ISA/PEP transfer.

About the charges on the fund
The fund is subject to a5% initial charge, with an annual management charge of 1.15%,reduced by 25% if more than half the fund is linked to theprotected part (see charging example below). In addition, 0.75% isused to pay the cost of protection to UBS.

Active Protector Fund

Active Part




Protected Part




Total Annual Fund charge




Protection Charge



(75% x 0.75%)


(49% x 0.75%)

Overall Charge




About Norwich Union
Norwich Union is the UK’slargest insurer. It is a leading provider of life, pensions andinvestment products and one of the largest financial adviser (FA)providers. FAs provide over 70% of the company's long-term savingsbusiness in the UK.

Norwich Union is the UK’s largest general insurer with amarket share of around 14%, with a focus on insurance forindividuals and small businesses.

Norwich Union’s news releases and a selection of images areavailable from Aviva's internet press centre at

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