Norwich Union reveals the nation's top regrets

Article date: 17 July 2007

Frank Sinatra had a few, Robbie Williams had none, but according to new research from Norwich Union, four out of five Brits (82%) are riddled with regrets, lamenting everything from not taking a job offer to not taking up dancing!

A survey from the UK's largest insurer revealed not learning to play a musical instrument was the top regret afflicting one in eight people (13%). One in 10 individuals (11%) most regretted not going to university, whilst 9% wished they'd followed a different career path. A roguish 4% owned up to regrets over relationships, usually after having had an affair.

The research was carried out to support a new Norwich Union marketing campaign which informs people of the importance of taking out life insurance - and to avoid letting it be something they regret not doing.

The insurer's research reveals the following five biggest regrets:

  1. Not learning to play a musical instrument (13%)
  2. Not going to university (11%)
  3. Not following a different career path (7%)
  4. Not paying more attention at school (6%)
  5. Being overweight/not taking better care of oneself (5%).

Further common regrets include not taking up a sport or hobby, and not travelling more widely.

Paul Stokes, head of marketing and communications for Norwich Union, says: "Although this research is fairly light-hearted, it underlines the fact that most people have at least one thing they regret - from something relatively minor to something potentially life-changing. Life insurance can give comfort at what is a very distressing time, so we are keen that it shouldn't be something people regret not taking out.

"Many people only think about life insurance when they take out a mortgage or have children, but it's something which can offer peace of mind to any person, whatever their circumstances. And given that Norwich Union offers cover from as little as £5* per month, it can be a very small price to avoid one big regret."

Life insurance statistics:

  • Research shows that 50% of the adult population of the UK have insufficient life cover.**
  • The life assurance protection gap in 2005 was £2.3 trillion. ***

Gender variations:

  • Women are four times more likely to regret not travelling the world than men (8% compared to 2%).
  • 16% of males wish they'd taken up a musical instrument, compared to 11% of females.
  • Women are more likely to wish they'd been to university (13% compared to 9%).


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Notes to editors:
Images from the marketing campaign are available on request.

The research was carried out in June 2007 by OMD Snapshots, via an online survey of 828 people.

* The cost of cover will depend on the level, term and type of cover selected, in addition to the customer's personal circumstances.

** Source - The Insurance Report

*** Info - The Gap being the difference between the amount of cover required and the  amount of liquid assets plus cover in force in the UK.

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