Norwich Union celebrates first anniversary of protection service promise

Article date: 20 February 2008

A year on from the launch of its protection service promise, Norwich Union is celebrating a marked improvement in this area, combined with a significant reduction in underwriting turnaround times.

A sustained effort over the last 12 months has seen the company achieve the following successes in the protection field:

  • 97% of cases where underwriting isn't needed are accepted within two days
  • Missing information is requested within 48 hours in 99% of cases
  • Medical evidence is requested within four days in 98% of cases.

In addition, a new underwriting philosophy has enabled Norwich Union to make substantial reductions in the number of policies which require further evidence. This has led to significant time reductions for hundreds of customers.

Underwriters are also encouraged to obtain medical evidence in the quickest, most efficient way, rather than mainly relying on full GP reports (GPRs). By employing alternative "streamlined" methods such as targeted GP reports, nurse telephone interviews, personal health questionnaires and non-medical questionnaires, Norwich Union has been able to cut its use of traditional, more time-consuming routes such as medicals, nurse screenings and full GPRs.

Sue Hendry, head of customer experience, protection for Norwich Union, says: "Since February 2007 we have seen a marked reduction in the number of policies requiring full GPRs, thanks to our revised approach to underwriting and the use of targeted reports and mini-screenings, both of which are less costly than a full GPR. This saving is in turn being passed on to the consumer.

"Overall, there has been an average end-to-end time saving of 17 days (from 35 days to 18) for the receipt of a nurse screening rather than a medical report, which is an excellent result for both Norwich Union and its customers."

From June to November 2007, a 29% increase in nurse screenings and a 39% reduction in medicals has been achieved.

The volume of GPRs received had reduced from 56.5% in February 2007 to 26.9% in November 2007.


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