Aviva Guaranteed Fund lets investors lock in profits

Article date: 23 November 2009

  • New feature means investors can now transfer money from other funds

Aviva is launching a new tranche of its Guaranteed Fund on 30 November 2009. The fund is designed to provide capital growth and guarantees that the value on the fifth anniversary will be no less than the original payment into the fund.

In addition, a new feature allows customers who invest in selected Aviva bonds to switch into the Guaranteed Fund and lock in profits at the fifth anniversary. (See notes to editors*). Customers who previously wanted to invest in the fund had to open a new investment bond. Now they can switch within their existing bond.

The fund complements Aviva’s With-Profits Guarantee Fund - launched on the same day - and builds on its range of guaranteed and protected investments designed to meet demand from customers and distributors.

The Guaranteed Fund is actively managed and invests in UK and international equities, bonds, property and cash. It is available through Aviva’s Portfolio investment bond and the minimum investment is £5,000. The guarantee applies on the fifth anniversary. If money is taken out before that date, the customer may not get back the amount invested. After five years the investor must decide where to reinvest their capital.

The charge for the guarantee for the first five years is an extra 0.5% a year on top of Portfolio’s charges.

David Barral, marketing director at Aviva, said: “Aviva is now offering both new and existing bond customers something new – the ability to transfer into the Guaranteed Fund at any time.

“A simple fund switch allows bond customers investing in other funds to transfer into the Aviva Guaranteed Fund locking in growth after five-years. It’s a feature that has been developed following extensive research among customers and advisers, and is designed to help people to invest for their future.

“Customers can also lock in any gains from earlier tranches of the Guarantee Fund. The ability to switch in and out of our Guaranteed Fund at any time builds on the popularity of the fund by giving customers greater control and flexibility over their investment.”

The value of the investment can go down as well as up and if you surrender the bond before the five-year guarantee, you may not get back your initial investment.


For further information, please contact:
David Gwyer                             
Telephone: 01904 452659               
Mobile: 07800 693187

Notes to editors:

About switching
* Applies to clients with investments in Portfolio Bond (Level and step down options). Also CGU Portfolio Bond, Norwich Union Portfolio, Bond 2000 (post July 2001) and Flexibond (post October 2000) policyholders with investments between October 1995 and July 2003 can switch into the latest available Guaranteed fund.

About the Aviva Guaranteed Fund
The Guaranteed Fund is designed to provide capital growth while providing a guarantee that the value on the fifth anniversary will be no less than the original payment into the fund. Any withdrawals, switches and charges from the fund will reduce the guaranteed amount in proportion to the number of units cancelled. The asset mix of the fund will vary to manage the cost of the guarantees. The Guaranteed Fund is available only as a five-year investment.

The fund was launched in October 1995 and invests in gilts, cash, equities and property. The asset mix for the tranche launching on 30 November 2009 is 73% fixed interest, 21% UK and global equities, 4% property, 2% cash.

About Portfolio investment bond
Portfolio offers a flexible way to invest. Its minimum investment is £5,000 and investors can choose to put their money in a selection of over 200 funds across all the major asset classes cash, bond, property, and equities, which are run by Aviva Investors and other  leading fund managers.

About Aviva
Aviva, the international savings, investments and insurance group, is the world’s fifth largest insurance group, serving 50 million customers across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

In the UK, Aviva is a leading provider of life, pensions, investment, general insurance and health products to more than 20 million customers. Aviva also provides roadside assistance through RAC. Products are distributed through a number of channels including IFAs, brokers, corporate partners and direct to customers via the internet.

Aviva's UK Insurance business has a market share of around 15%, making it the largest general insurer in the UK. The business is focused on insurance for individuals and small businesses.

Aviva's life and pensions business in the UK has a total market share of 12% and a top three position in its key markets of savings, protection, and annuities.

Aviva’s news releases and a selection of images are available from the internet press centre at www.aviva.com/media.

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