Aviva UK Health launches new group critical illness product

Article date: 12 March 2010

Aviva UK Health today announced that it is enhancing its group risk proposition with a new group critical illness product. This addition and its ability to offer health and wellbeing products means that Aviva now offers one of the widest breadth of product offerings amongst the top four group risk providers.

The group critical illness market has experienced the fastest annual premium income growth out of all group risk products over the past few years. Aviva’s competitively priced product has been introduced in direct response to an increased customer demand for lower cost employee benefits to include as part of a flexible benefits scheme. The product can also be purchased on a voluntary or company paid basis.

Customers can choose from two levels of cover. Either a standard list of illnesses and procedures, or alternatively they can opt for an extended list. Benefit is paid up to five times the employee’s salary, subject to a maximum of £500,000 (gross).

To reduce administration and simplify the application process a pre-existing condition exclusion applies to the product. This removes the need for full medical underwriting.

Steve Bridger, head of group risk, Aviva UK Health said: "As a business, we’re committed to the group risk market and our recent product and service enhancements mean that we now offer some of the most competitive group income protection and group life terms in the market. Our entry to the group CI market is a natural move which will give intermediaries a wider choice of provider.

“The addition of group critical illness means that we believe we now offer the widest choice of products amongst the key group risk providers. With this range of services also comes a breadth of knowledge and we’re already applying best practice learnings across business areas.

"For example, we’re using clinical knowledge from our specialist private health insurance claims teams to assist our group income protection business. Similarly, tele-interviewing was an approach we took from our individual income protection business and applied it to group risk. We recognise that employers need an integrated service that responds to their individual business needs and I believe that this expert knowledge and broad choice of products means that Aviva is now best placed to offer exactly this.” 

Aviva’s group critical illness is designed to pay employees a cash lump sum on diagnosis of a pre-defined list of critical illnesses or after the employee has undergone one of a list of surgical procedures and then survives for at least 14 days. The money can then be used however the employee sees fit, for example to help cover a mortgage or bills, to help pay for treatment or make adjustments to their home.


For further information contact:
Amber Chable, PR and Communications Manager, Aviva UK Health
Telephone: 023 80359 383 
E-mail: amber.chable@aviva.co.uk

Notes to editors:

Standard list of conditions covered (following a survival period of 14 days)

Extended list of conditions covered (following a survival period of 14 days)

Alzheimer’s disease – resulting in permanent symptoms

Aortic graft surgery – for disease

Cancer  - excluding less advanced cases

Aplastic anaemia – with permanent bone marrow failure

Coronary artery by-pass grafts – with surgery to divide the breastbone

Bacterial meningitis – resulting in permanent symptoms

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Benign brain tumour – resulting in permanent symptoms

Dementia – resulting in permanent symptoms

Blindness – permanent and irreversible

Heart attack – of specified severity

Cardiomyopathy – of specified severity

Kidney failure – requiring dialysis

Coma – resulting in permanent symptoms

Major organ transplant        

Coronary angioplasty – to two or more coronary arteries

Motor neurone disease – resulting in permanent symptoms

Deafness – permanent and irreversible

Multiple sclerosis – with persisting symptoms

Encephalitis – resulting in permanent symptoms

Parkinson’s disease – resulting in permanent symptoms

Heart valve replacement or repair – with surgery to divide the breastbone

Stroke – resulting in permanent symptoms

HIV infection – caught in the UK from a blood transfusion, a physical assault or at work in an eligible occupation


Liver failure – of advanced stage


Loss of hands or feet – permanent physical severance


Loss of independent existence – permanent and irreversible


Loss of speech – permanent and irreversible


Paralysis of limbs


Pulmonary artery graft surgery


Respiratory failure – of advanced stage


Rheumatoid Arthritis – chronic and severe


Terminal illness


Third degree burns – covering 20% of the body’s surface area


Traumatic head injury – resulting in permanent symptoms


Total permanent disability – a member must be continuously and permanently disabled for six months




















This is a summary of the conditions covered by this policy. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

About Aviva’s Group Risk
Aviva offers some of the most competitive Group Risk products in the market, covering over two million customers.

Aviva’s group income protection focuses on minimising staff absence and getting employees back to work promptly through innovative use of vocational rehabilitation techniques available through its occupational health and specialist healthcare teams, as well as external specialist rehabilitation services. It also provides invaluable financial support for employers in the event of staff absence helping to ensure business continuity. Aviva also offers Income Protection Solutions for individual customers. 

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Aviva's UK Insurance business has a market share of around 15%, making it the largest general insurer in the UK. The business is focused on insurance for individuals and small businesses.

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