'Want it now' Britons determined to lose wait

Article date: 26 May 2010

  • We live in a society of "Generation Now" consumers.

Research from Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer, reveals that Brits have developed into a Nation of "want it all and want it now" consumers with 81% of Brits admitting they get frustrated when they have to wait to use a product or service they have already paid for*.

Britain has always been regarded as being a patient and respectable Nation when it comes to queuing and waiting our turn. But in the last few years the likes of high speed internet, fast food drive-ins and on-demand television has made us shift our expectancy as a consumer so we now expect to be able to use products or services instantly without any wait.

Research reveals that women (92%) are more inclined to email rather than take the time out to write a letter, compared to 86% of men. However, men are more likely to resort to the microwave for their main meal with over half (52%) saying they prefer to set the timer for a micro-meal rather than cook a meal from scratch, compared to 44% of women.

The most frustrating purchases for waiting to use a product or service after payment has been made, according to Aviva research:

  1. Waiting for the completion of a sale of a new home (94%)
  2. Not being able to use a new toy or gadget because there aren’t any batteries included ((91%)
  3. Not being able to drive away a new car because there’s no insurance in place (90%)
  4. Having to wait around in airport departure or arrival lounges (80%).

Nigel Bartram, Aviva motoring expert said: “Once we’ve paid for something we don’t expect or want to have to wait to be able to use our new purchase. Aviva has taken this into account and developed Driveaway motor insurance, giving motorists instant fully comprehensive insurance at the point of purchase of a new vehicle.

“With Driveaway a customer gets a whole week of free insurance when they purchase a vehicle, meaning they can get behind the wheel straight away without the aggravation of having to go away to sort out insurance first before they can drive their new car. By making a simple activation call, we'll send a cover note to a motor dealer and provide the customer with a quotation for twelve months insurance for after the free seven day period has expired. It has proven to be very popular with our customers.”

In line with the trend of "Generation Now", motorists increasingly want fast and easy transactions when it comes to keeping their car on the road. Aviva’s research found that four-in-five motorists prefer to purchase their road tax on-line rather than going to the Post Office. 

Recognising this, Aviva now issues policy holders that register with Aviva’s Self-Serve facility with an electronic certificate of insurance when they take out motor insurance, enabling them to check their insurance certificate and tax their vehicle instantly from the comfort of their own home. Since regulatory changes (as of the 30 April 2010) electronic certificates are now legally acceptable proof of insurance.

Nigel continues: “Customers now have the peace of mind when they take out their insurance that their certificate will be with them instantly, meaning they can check their cover and then print out a copy if they do decide to tax their vehicle at the Post Office. The whole insurance process can now be completed on-line and customers can simply print out a hard copy of their certificate whenever they want to, without having to search through all of the their paperwork to locate their certificate.”

Existing Aviva customers can also benefit from Aviva’s "self-serve" facility which allows policy holders to make certain mid-term adjustments to their policy online.

“Customers can save money on administration fees when making various mid-term adjustments; they can now change their details themselves. If our insured has moved home, for instance, or changed their marital status, they can now check and amend their policy on-line whenever they like.”

For more information about Aviva’s new Driveaway product and the Self-Serve facility please visit www.aviva.co.uk.


* All Research commissioned by Aviva and carried out by 72 Point who surveyed 1000 UK adults in April 2010.

For further information, please contact:
Adam Cracknell, Aviva’s UK Insurance press office 
Telephone: 01603 684916

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