Looking for a book loving, brainy guy who runs his own business? Meet the wise van man

Article date: 14 September 2010

Van drivers are the smartest, sexiest and most successful drivers on the road, a study by the UK’s biggest insurer has shown, coming top in most of the fields studied. 

Out of all the drivers questioned, van drivers were discovered to be regular bookworms, the most interested in politics and keeping trim, in addition to being the best person to fix your boiler if it breaks. Just don’t ask them about wine, you’re better off speaking to a biker.

Despite the fact they were the least likely to have a degree, half of all van drivers were the boss of their own business, as compared to 83% of sports car drivers who work for someone else.

Other findings from the research dispelled the myth held by many middle aged men; that those who flirt from the seat of their sports car are the most likely to secure a date. In-fact, more than a third (35%) of van drivers felt their van was an asset when speaking to a member of the opposite sex.

Over 70% of van drivers said they were interested in politics - the highest percentage – and half were proud to reveal that they are always reading a book compared with one in 10 sports car owners and the majority of bikers that admitted they "hated" politics and "never" read.

Nigel Bartram, motoring expert at Aviva, who carried out the survey, said: “It’s great to prove what we already knew - van drivers are switched on and enterprising! Gone are the days of the traditional white van man stereotype. What our research shows is that van drivers are entrepreneurial and responsible.  This is why we have tailored direct motor insurance to cater for the 21st century van driver.”

After a hard day’s work, the van driver is more likely to catch a news bulletin or documentary than anything else on the box and, out of all drivers questioned, is the least likely to watch reality TV.

With half of van drivers opting to fix household appliances when they break rather than ask for help, they are also the handiest to have at home. 

But don’t let them near a wine list; a quarter of van drivers admit they just about "know the difference between red and white" while the bikers have the sharpest palate with one in 10 describing themselves as "practically an expert".

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Notes to editors:                                            

All research commissioned by Aviva and carried out by OnePoll who surveyed 3000 motorists between the 25 and 27 August 2010.

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