With-Profits Annuity bonus declaration

Article date: 12 June 2000

Norwich Union has declared a 1 per cent additional bonus on 1999monies invested in the insurance and investment group’sWith-Profits Annuity.

Mary Pitt, Norwich Union’s annuity marketing manager said,“Our With-Profits Annuity is coming-up to its firstanniversary. It provides customers with potentially greater incomethan traditional annuities by drawing on annual and additionalbonuses from the With-Profits Fund which is invested in equities aswell as fixed interest investments.“


Press contact:

Louise Zucchi on 01603 684 506

Notes to Editors:

The bonus applies to monies that have been invested for at leasta year.

Future bonus rates are not guaranteed and may vary as theydepend on profits yet to be earned.

Full written terms and conditions are available on request.

Norwich Union Life and Pensions Limited is regulated by thePersonal Investment Authority and only advises on its ownproducts.

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