Summertime To Beat The Burglars

Article date: 26 June 2001

Homeowners could be putting their properties at risk this summeras they head off for a well-earned break, a game of golf or ashopping trip.

Government figures show that almost half of all burglaries takeplace while homeowners are away from home, with over £100m worth ofitems stolen during the summer months.*

To help homeowners protect their homes this summer, NorwichUnion has produced some simple top tips:

  • Tell trusted neighbours that you won't be home and ask them tokeep an eye on your property. Supply them with a key, so that theycan take your post in, put the rubbish out on the right day, andopen and close the curtains so the property doesn't appearempty
  • Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked when youleave and don't forget to turn your burglar alarm on
  • You may want to ask a professional housesitter to stay at yourhome if you're going away for a long time
  • It's easy to set timer switches for lights, TVs and radios togive the impression that someone is at home
  • Cancel the milk and papers if you have them delivered
  • Hide or lock away valuables, such as jewellery or silver. Fewburglars are professionals and won't want to waste timesearching
  • Lock up your garage and garden shed, as well as any gardentools and ladders, which can be used to gain access toproperties.

Jill Willis, household product manager for Norwich UnionInsurance, said; "Unfortunately, burglaries still occur during thelighter summer months, although people are often complacent when itcomes to securing their home.

Often the most simple security precautions can make a realdifference between a family enjoying a day out or holiday andreturning home to find that they have been burgled."

Homeowners who are lucky enough to be away for extended periods(generally more than 30 days) should also take extra precautions toprotect their homes from break-ins or leaking pipes - as well aschecking their insurance policies to ensure they are adequatelycovered while they are away.

For more information about Norwich Union household policies,readers should call 0800 888 222 or speak to their insurancebroker.

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Notes to editors

* From British Crime Survey 2000 and Datamonitor UK HouseholdInsurance 2000 Report.

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