Garden and car thefts increase on British Summertime and Mothers Day

Garden and car thefts increase on British Summertime and Mothers Day

With the start of British Summertime and Mother’s Day falling on the same day this year (30th March), we're warning home and car owners about a potential double crime whammy as thieves go on the prowl for cars and garden equipment.


Analysis of ten years’ of Aviva claims data* reveals that car thefts rise by 14% on Mother’s Day, compared with an ‘average’ Sunday, as mums are taken out to celebrate their special day. 


Our data also shows that as the clocks roll forward, thefts from the garden shoot up by 15% as many homeowners spend more time in the garden. In fact, as the nights get lighter and the days get warmer the number of garden thefts increase, with claims in July and August around 25% higher than at the start of the year.


With this in mind, we're reminding gardeners to ensure all equipment is secured away at the end of the day, as thieves target items left out overnight. Of the garden equipment stolen last year:

  • 42% of thefts were for power tools, of which 56% were drills
  • 39% were for simple hand tools like spades, shovels, rakes and forks
  • 19% were for electric and petrol lawnmowers, chainsaws and ladders**


 Richard Hiscocks, Head of Household Claims at Aviva, says, “I’m sure many of us will be out and about on Mother’s Day, celebrating the day and spending a little longer outside in the extra daylight. As our claims data shows, though, it’s worth being a little extra vigilant so the day isn’t spoiled by thieves.

“If you are taking your Mum out this Sunday, make sure you lock your car and park it in a safe location. And if you plan on spending time in the garden, remember to secure everything away at the end of the day.”


Garden Cover

Dont' forget, our home contents policies provide cover for theft from outbuildings, garages and garden sheds up to £2500, including bikes, lawnmowers and even some sports equipment such golf clubs.

Up to £500 of your contents in the garden are also covered, as standard, for theft and damage caused by fire, malicious damage or extreme weather events.  This includes patio furniture, garden pots and BBQs. If you need additional cover, we offer a Garden Contents policy covering £1,500 of garden equipment from around £9 a year.

But remember, bikes must be locked away in the shed or garage or they won’t be covered.

Find out more by watching our handy video guide on Garden Cover 


Aviva’s Top Tips to beat the shed burglar

  • Don’t tempt the thieves in, put away your garden tools, paddling pool, trampoline and bikes at the end of the day
  • Lock your sheds and out-buildings, replace any rusty padlocks.
  • Close gates and repair damaged fences - deterrents are sometimes the best prevention.
  • Hide or cover bulky items which can’t be locked away, such as large gas barbecues and picnic benches.
  • Lock up ladders and secure wheelie bins – they are perfect for giving burglars a leg up into the rest of your home!

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