Aviva Free New Parent Life Cover

£10,000 free life cover for new parents until your baby's first birthday

Having a new baby is a busy time.
We can help make things a little easier.

Having a baby can make you feel like your world’s been turned upside down and like you have a million jobs to do at once. So let us take care of one of the little things you shouldn’t forget in the rush — to help give your family a financial safety net in the event something should go wrong.

Our unique free life cover offer helps make life easier for new parents — it only takes a few minutes to apply and no payment is needed.

Benefits of our New Parent Free Life Cover

  • £10,000 of free life cover for each parent from the day you apply until your baby's first birthday. That could mean £20,000 to protect your family if both parents apply.
  • It pays out £10,000 if a covered parent dies on or before their baby’s first birthday
  • You can take out the plan once your baby has been born and before they are twelve months old.
  • No payment is needed and we won't request your bank account or credit card details.
  • It will only take a few minutes to apply, and you will receive confirmation that your family is protected within minutes.

Terms and conditions, and exclusions apply — please see the Important Plan Information (PDF 87KB).

Apply now for New Parent Free Life Cover

Why are Aviva offering free life cover?

Because little things can make a big difference when starting to think about safeguarding the financial future of your family. £10,000 of cover will help you during this busy time but it may not provide the financial reassurance you need. It's important to review your full life cover requirements, so take a look at the options in the additional life cover box on this page, or call one of our team for more information.

Additional cover means additional peace of mind

£10,000 is a good start, but you need to consider how much you would need to cover your own financial commitments.

The links below can help you do this quickly and easily.

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