Joe Shaw

Joe Shaw – Daughter Miller 15 months old

Probably the best moment of my life…

Joe Shaw

Finding out I was going to be a father, I think it was probably the best moment of my life - and I’ve had a few of those. Well it’s probably now the second best moment now to her being born. I think that was probably one of the happiest moments I can remember. I was in Hong Kong and I’d been away on a tour in Asia or something, and I sat down and my wife Emily told me and that was it - tears. It was pretty emotional.

Just like everybody else I wasn’t bothered if it was a boy or girl, I just wanted it to be healthy, and I think that was my biggest thing throughout the pregnancy was that I wanted my wife to be healthy and Ok and I wanted Miller to be ok as well.

Now that she’s starting to talk when I come back from work and she runs up to me saying “I love you Daddy” or when I’m leaving she says “Bye Bye” and blows me a kiss, I think that’s the nicest surprise. Now, when I come home and I might be a bit stressed or have too much on at work I know that Miller takes all of that away.

You do just want to protect them all the time. Whether that be a bump on the head or anything you just want them to feel better. You want them to feel like everything is alright and they feel secure and safe. I suppose providing financially does come into it but that is the main thing for me, making them feel safe and making sure that I will always be there for us.

The most important value I want my daughter to take from me is honesty. I’d be devastated if she would lie to me. Any others? I just want to her to be a good person, you know for me that is the main thing and as long as she is just that then I’ll have no qualms with any of that. And for her not to have a boyfriend until she’s 25.

The best tip I can give is to buy in bulk! That’s the key. One for the dads, don’t feel upset if for the first few months you think you don’t have a connection as all they want for their first few months are their Mums, for feeding etc etc. After those few months it’s all good and just enjoy it!

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