Mouritz Botha

Mouritz Botha – Joshua 1 month old

It was exciting, and still is…

Mouritz Botha

When I first found out I was going to be a father I was obviously very excited, yet pretty nervous about it all. I knew that there were a lot of things that had to be done before Joshua was born. We have just moved into a new house, so that is a stressful time as I’m sure many people who have moved house will testify. So there was all that stress plus everything that surrounds expecting for a child. We had to set up a nursery, make sure we were prepared for the new arrival - it was pretty stressful but looking back it was pretty exciting.

My biggest worry I suppose was whether or not he was going to be OK and healthy, that was the main thing. I was really looking forward to being a father during the pregnancy, and we found out that it was going to be boy, so I was looking forward to the idea that I could impart my wisdom and knowledge onto a son. It was exciting and still is exciting.

The amount they sleep when they first arrive! That surprised me, and the workload. There’s a lot of boring things to be getting on with, all the burping, all the nappy changes and not much else. It’s nonstop really, I suppose the surprise of coming home and not having the care-free attitude when you come in - in the past we may have just got in, relaxed and not really cared about anything else but now we have Joshua we have to get up, change him, feed him, play with him and make sure there’s enough clean bottles to go around before you can necessarily switch the TV on and put your feet up.

I think my most important job as a father is to set a good example and be a good provider. I believe they are my main responsibilities, and I take those seriously. I have to take them seriously, as I’m now responsible for another person and guide them as much as I can.

As he grows, there are key values I want my son to follow, respect being the first one. Be honest and just be a good person, you can’t go too wrong with those three hopefully and that’s what we’ll hope to do with Joshua.

For anyone approaching parenthood for the first time, prepare as much as you can. Ask people for advice, read up about it, but most importantly trial and error is something that should be encouraged and it will help you find out what is good for you personally as a couple.

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