Richard Wigglesworth

Richard Wigglesworth - Children Matilda 3 and half and Freddie whose just turned two

Every day is a surprise…

Richard Wigglesworth

Finding out I was going to be a dad was a surprise and I felt a little bit scared but to tell the truth overall I was delighted. We found out in Pizza Express - Matilda was a honeymoon baby, but at the time I was telling the missus who was adamant that she might be pregnant that she wasn’t, so she then popped out to Boots and came back with tears streaming down her face which pretty much confirmed it for us. A happy day, and one we’ll never forget although it did happen in somewhat strange surroundings.

I was quite relaxed with the idea of parenthood in all honesty, but I suppose I was no different to any other Dad-to-be that I just wanted the baby to be healthy. We found out pretty early that our first would be a girl, so I did initially worry that I’d be overrun with two girls in the house, but I got my head around that pretty quickly and we started painting the house pink.

The biggest shock I got was how expensive children’s clothing can be. The biggest surprise is how entertaining they are, you seem to find everything they do hilarious. My little lad is nuts, and around 18 months to about 3 and half years old they come out with some absolute beauties that just have you falling about the place laughing. I missed the birth of Freddie as I was at the World Cup so the biggest surprise would be seeing my wife in the Arrivals hall at the Airport holding my new child. Every day is a surprise really, and if you can prepare yourself for that then you’ll really enjoy it.

I’m the fun one, so I will admit I don’t tell them off as much as my wife. We’re extremely lucky that in our line of work you get to spend a lot of time at home, and I’m mindful of spending as much time with the kids as I can as there may be a time where I have to do the 9-5 job. That’s definitely the best bit. All the soppy stuff really.

I think it’s really important to instil a work ethic in my children, that’s what I got passed down from my Father. I also want them to be caring, it’s a very nice trait in any person to have and I also want them to be funny. They make me laugh now so I hope they make keep on making me laugh in the years to come.

The only tip I have for those thinking about becoming a dad - don’t stress about it. You will learn as you go along, and you’ll pick up everything you need to know so there’s no need to get too downbeat or anxious about being a parent. It is an enjoyable responsibility so just relax and make sure you have a good time doing it.

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