Inflation calculator

It's hard to escape the fact that most things cost more today than they used to. The term that's used to describe the increase in the cost of goods or services over time is 'Inflation'.

Even a small increase in the rate of inflation can have a big impact on the future buying power of your money. Our savings and investments plans are designed to help you make the most of whatever you can afford to put aside. Find out the impact inflation would have on your hard-earned savings with our illustrative inflation calculator.

Inflation calculator

Inflation Calculator

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Current value of savings.

Time period for which to calculate.

Average inflation rate over the calculation period.

Inflation rates vary from month to month. The current Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation as of October 2014 is 1.3%. You can input different rates of inflation.
We have assumed a constant rate of inflation throughout the period.

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