General exclusions

What’s not covered by our travel insurance

Here are some examples of what isn’t covered by our travel insurance policy. We recommend that before you buy one of our travel insurance policies you read through the single trip and annual multi-trip policy document (PDF 1.57MB) in full to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

This policy does not cover the following:

  1. Any consequence whatsoever which is the direct or indirect result of any of the following, or anything connected with any of the following, whether or not contributed to by any other cause or event:
    • war; invasion; act of a foreign enemy; hostilities or warlike operation or operations (whether war has been declared or not); civil war; revolution, rebellion or insurrection; civil commotion which is of such severity or magnitude that it can amount to or be likened to an uprising; military power (even if properly authorised by the duly elected government); usurped power; or
    • any action taken to prevent, control or suppress, or which in any way relates to a) above.
  2. Claims directly or indirectly caused by:
    • ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from burning nuclear fuel; or
    • the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear part of an assembly; or
    • pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
  3. Any claim for your death, injury or disability resulting from;
    • your suicide or attempted suicide; or
    • your misuse of alcohol or drugs or your consumption of alcohol or drugs (other than drugs taken under medical supervision and not for treating alcohol or drug addiction) to an extent which causes immediate or long-term physical or mental harm, or where your judgement is affected causing you to take actions you would not usually take; or
    • any exacerbation of an accepted medical condition caused by your misuse of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Any claim where during the trip you deliberately put yourself at risk of death, injury, illness or disability (unless you were trying to save human life).
  5. Any loss that is not specifically described in the cover sections of this policy, e.g. we will not pay for loss of earnings if you are unable to return to work due to injury or illness during your trip, or any payment which you would normally have made during your travels.
  6. Claims resulting from any tour operator, travel agent, airline or other service provider becoming insolvent and not being able or willing to carry out any part of their duty to you.
  7. Any claim that results from any anxiety state, depression, mental, nervous or emotional disorder which had been diagnosed before you took out or renewed your policy or when you booked your trip (whichever is later).
  8. Any incident which happens after the trip duration limit, shown on your policy schedule, has been exceeded.
  9. Any claim for an incident which happens during the trip that results from:
    • you flying an aircraft or taking part in other aerial activities not listed in the Leisure Activities and Activity Based Holidays sections;
    • you riding or being a passenger on a scooter, moped or motorcycle:
      • 125cc or under; unless you wear a crash helmet and, as a rider, you are fully licensed to use such a vehicle in the UK; or
      • over 125cc; unless this is your mode of transport from the UK and you wear a crash helmet and appropriate protective clothing; and, as a rider, you are fully licensed and insured to use this vehicle in the UK.
    • you riding or being a passenger on a quad bike, all terrain vehicle or similar on or off road;
    • you driving any motorised vehicle, unless you are fully licensed to drive such a vehicle in the UK;
    • you driving or being a passenger in any motorised vehicle unless you have complied with all laws applying to use of that vehicle in the country you are visiting, for example, you must wear a seat belt where this is required by law;
    • your involvement in paid or unpaid manual work or physical labour of any kind, other than Charity and Conservation work as shown in the Activity Based Holidays section;
    • business travel unless this is shown on your policy schedule;
    • business travel if your job is not wholly an office based role and your journey involves dealing with members of the public or any tasks other than clerical or administrative duties;
    • you taking part in a leisure activity, activity based holiday or winter sports activity not listed in the Leisure Activities or Activity Based Holidays section;
    • you taking part in any winter sports activity unless Winter Sports cover is shown on your policy schedule;
    • you taking part in exploration or scientific expeditions or being a crew member on a vessel travelling from one country to another;
    • you sitting on any balcony railing; jumping from or climbing on or over any balcony railing, ledge or wall, regardless of its height, other than Artificial Wall Climbing listed in the Leisure Activities section.
  10. Any claim resulting from a tropical disease where you have not had the recommended inoculations and/or taken the recommended medication.
  11. Any claim for:
    • unused travel or accommodation arranged by using air miles, loyalty or points based ownership schemes, timeshares or similar promotions;
    • management fees, maintenance costs or exchange fees associated with loyalty or points based ownership schemes, timeshares or similar promotions;
    • costs where these are recoverable from your travel and/or accommodation provider;
    • the refund of any costs you have paid for on behalf of persons not named on your policy schedule;
    • administration costs charged by your travel and/or accommodation provider in respect of obtaining a refund for unused travel and accommodation.
  12. Any claim for refund of any course or tuition fees, project costs, sponsorship fees or similar (other than your pre-paid ski pack if Winter Sports cover is shown on your policy schedule).
  13. Any claim because you do not feel like travelling, or you are not enjoying your trip.

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