It takes Aviva

Supporting you through every day's twists, turns and twirls

A better future – and the things we want to achieve in between – can seem a long way off. But the small steps we can take now will make a big difference later.

Steps like helping you to prepare for your future – we've already helped over five million of our pension customers prepare for theirs. Or investing responsibly and setting ourselves net-zero goals to help the planet. And making plans for the ups and downs (and lefts and rights) of life.

With each step you take, we'll be right there beside you – helping you put one foot in front of the other towards a brighter, better future.

Because it takes more than just words to get there. It takes action. And it takes a partner who can help you along the way. We've mapped out what we can do to help get you there - and how we'll be right by your side, all the way.

Taking care of life insurance while you get on with life

Looking after your health now, helping to secure their futures later – we'll take care of that.

parents with child walking through vast landscape with mountain backdrop

Life insurance

Help look after your loved ones should the worst happen. With our cover, you can leave a lump sum behind if you pass away during the policy term.

Parent holding their child, who is pointing at something out of shot, with a surprised look on their face

Take out Free Parent Life Cover

Get a year's worth for free, that's £15,000 of cover for each parent of a child under four.

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Aviva DigiCare+ smartphone app

A health and wellbeing app, powered by Square Health – currently available with some of our life insurance policies. Terms apply.

With you, every step of the way

You can feel confident when making decisions about your money with our expert know-how – we've got over 300 years of experience we'd like to pass along.

Four people in a restaurant or coffee shop, raising cups of coffie in a celebratory style, smiling


Get stuck into the pension detail and understand more about your income options when you retire.

Person smiling whilst planting pot plants, in an outdoor setting


See how you can invest with us and get bitesize tips and step-by-step guides to help you get started. 

Person sat in the driving seat of their car, adjusting their rear view mirror


Life, health, home and what you drive – if it matters to you, let’s protect it.

Two parents and their child on one of their shoulders, standing in a field


From all-round cover, to standalone cancer and physio insurance, we’ll help get you the treatment you need, as you need it.

Protecting your house so it always feels like home

Break-ins, blocked pipes, broken boilers - we've got you covered

Woman lying on bed writing in a book

Cover for your buildings and contents

We'll protect your home, so you can focus on taking care of the other important things.

A woman typing on a laptop from her office

Why shedloads of people are working from their gardens

Four people tell us why they've turned their green space into their workspace.

Looking after you, so you can look after yourself

A firm hand to hold, a shoulder when you need one - you can lean on us through the good (and not-so-good) times.

Doctor treating a young baby

How much does health insurance cost?

Making some smart choices can help make it more affordable for you.

Someone putting their hand on another person's shoulder in support/reassurance, in an indoor setting

Managing money and your mental health

Find out how to get help if you’re in debt.