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It takes expert know-how to help you feel confident about your choices. It takes Aviva.  

See what an expert can do for these TV and radio stars

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Unidentified [00:00:00] I think it's the bottles.

Jordan [00:00:14] This is something I'm really looking forward to because I've always wanted to be able to do magic. In front of you, there are props that you will need to execute the trick. Master the steps below by later today as you will be performing the trick to members of the public. Great. So what I've got to do is put my fingers over the top and then turn it upside down. That's fine, there's a couple of drips. And then we count to three. One, two, three. Ignore that. Ignore that. Yeah. No, no, not good, three. Abracadabra. It's going to be a long day. Have we got a mop and bucket please. We probably practise it over the sink. Oh, this is going to be so much harder than I thought.

Troy [00:01:06] Take a card out, any one you want. OK. Put it back here for me.

Jordan [00:01:12] Which fingers is it? No. Where is it now? I think it's the bottles.

Troy [00:01:26] Yeah. Hey Jordan, need some help? Please! You just need to believe. Believe? Believe! I'm Troy, by the way. I'm a magician. I'm here to help you. Rotate your arms like this. There's a little twist action that's happening on your fingertips. Sliding your fingers away. I feel like you can do this.

Jordan [00:01:45] Is that on the right hand?

Troy [00:01:46] Yeah, that's good. Rotation.

Jordan [00:01:50] Oh, look at that! You did it! Mate!.

Troy [00:01:55] So you're going to take that toothpick and yoour gonna slide that right in. You see that? Perfect. All right, let's go over to the sink. Yeah.

Jordan [00:02:03] One, two, three. Mate, that is class.

Troy [00:02:09] I think you're ready to take to the streets? Yeah?

Jordan [00:02:10] Yeah. Lead the way. Let's go. Let's do it. Magic on the streets. Do I need me wand? Right, so here we are.

Troy [00:02:21] Excuse me, have you got two moments? It will take two seconds. Yeah. 

Jordan [00:02:27] Hi. Excuse me. Yes, mate. Have you got two minutes?

Troy [00:02:30] I have my friend Jordan here. He's been learning magic, I was hoping he could show you a magic trick. I love magic so yes.

Jordan [00:02:36] Can I take your bottle of water, is that OK? Right. OK, so I'm just going to pour a bit of the water out. There you go, now flip it over. Three, two one. What?! How do you do that? OK, I'll show you one more trick, I will place a toothpick in the bottle of water. How have you done that? Hold the bottle and hold the bottle gently?

Unidentified [00:03:08] One, two, three.

Jordan [00:03:14] That was amazing. That was pretty good. Thank you. I'm buzzing now, absolutely buzzing. I've always wanted to do that, to do it properly in the middle of London.

Troy [00:03:23] Oh, it's amazing. It was great. Great. Such a great performance. And it's exactly what I wanted to see. So well done. 

Jordan North always wished he could learn magic. So with the flick of a wand (and maybe a phone call or two), we got Troy the Magician to help him master the art. Check out the video to see how it went, and why advice and guidance from an expert can really help you nail your goals.

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Alison [00:00:12] How do you do that?

Alison [00:00:12] You little... lost it! Oops, sorry, is that all right?

Alison [00:00:12] I'm so excited today, I have come to Benihana Restaurant, to learn the art of Japanese cooking. This is something I've always wanted to do. It's very showbiz, it's a little bit dangerous, so this is right up my street. I'm so excited.

Alison [00:00:38] Look at the size of that! I have no idea what that is, at all. So you fancy trying your hand at teppanyaki? Well, it's not going to be easy. So if you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. You're going to have to master those skills quickly as this evening you will be cooking for a group of customers. Oh, my days. Oh, my days.

Chef [00:00:56] Welcome.

Alison [00:00:58] Thank you so much.

Chef [00:00:59] Let's get going.

Chef [00:01:04] This is for the hibachi rice.

Alison [00:01:08] How do you do that?

Chef [00:01:09] We break it apart.

Alison [00:01:12] There we go. Look at that. Oh, my goodness.

Chef [00:01:16] Okay, Alison, over to you.

Alison [00:01:19] Kon'nichiwa. I'm Alison. I'm going to be your tekiyaki? I'm Alison, I'm going to be your chef this afternoon.

Alison [00:01:27] Oh, sorry!  For my next trick...Few little, oh, sorry.

Chef [00:01:37] You see, Alison, we only have two more eggs.

Alison [00:01:39] Oh, right. It's quite hard to separate this one, but here we go. Oh, that one's broken.

Chef [00:01:48] Yes, yes.

Alison [00:01:49] There we go. Volcano. Yeah!

Chef [00:01:49] Okay, we put a bit of oil first. Hold the fork here, flick that part, down the back of it, in half.

Alison [00:01:58] Oh, gosh.

Chef [00:01:58] And then cut all around the back.

Alison [00:01:58] Not bad.

Crew [00:01:58] Very good.

Alison [00:02:08] I think I'm going to turn over my cod now.

Chef [00:02:10] OK, very good. And the other side. Beautiful, okay?

Alison [00:02:15] Yeah.

Chef [00:02:15] One, two. That is perfect. Okay. Perfect.

Alison [00:02:22] I think sometimes you just need a professional to show you how to do it, don't we? Wow, I'm impressed with that. Thanks, Chef.

Alison [00:02:34] Kon'nichiwa. I'm Alison, and I'm going to be your chef today. Okay, let's build up this beautiful volcano.

Alison [00:02:59] That's what we're talking about, babes!

Alison [00:03:06] That's it.

Alison [00:03:06] That looks professional doesn't it? Oh, I hope you like it.

Guest [00:03:06] It's all right!

Alison [00:03:06] Honestly?

Guest [00:03:06] Yeah!

Alison [00:03:06] Oh, look at that, isn't that lush! 

Alison [00:03:16] And that's the end of our service, I hope you've enjoyed it. And can I just say, David, you've given me such amazing skills that are going to last me a lifetime, I'm honoured and privileged to be here.

[00:03:28] It's been a pleasure. It's been a pleasure. Let's high five!


Fun-loving Alison was serious about wanting to master some teppanyaki tricks. This Japanese cuisine usually takes years to master - but thanks to the pros at Benihama Restaurant by her side, Alison learns some key Teppanyaki skills and goes from breaking eggs to spinning them in the air. See the big difference a little expert advice can make...  

Let's hear your stories

We can’t teach you how to pull a rabbit from a hat, but we can help map the path to a better brighter future. Have a look at some of the customers we've supported along the way.

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My name's Linda Hood. I am a finance business partner for a government department. In August last year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which was a bit of a blow to say the least, because I hadn't had any symptoms at all, was feeling perfectly fit and healthy, was running, doing my house up, doing my garden.

I went and sent to the hospital, and that was that really. And I phoned … It was really an afterthought to be honest, because you're trying to process all this information that they're giving you. The lady I spoke to was lovely. Really, really, lovely, and very sympathetic, and great empathy, and I'm really sorry, and don't worry about it we'll deal with everything for you. We'll contact your doctors, and the hospital, and to give us all those details, and we'll make sure that we keep in touch with you.

And I cried…

….and because it was such a huge relief, because you don't know what the future's gonna hold. At the end of the day, you don't know whether the cancer's gonna come back or not. If you've got that relief in knowing that your mortgage is paid for, and you're not gonna get turfed out of your house, you are not gonna get your house repossessed it's just such a wonderful feeling, and it just means you can concentrate on looking after yourself, and getting yourself prepared for the chemo, and just coming to terms with everything, and just getting on with life, and not having to worry about where the money's gonna come from.

My whole process along the line with Aviva has just been fantastic really, the people I've spoken to, the communications methods have been great, and obviously the end result paying off my mortgage is just fantastic.

You know they ask "How are you doing? How's everything going? How's the treatment going?" I said I was about to start the chemo. I think it was the following week. Again, he said "I hope it's not too severe, and I hope you manage all right with it." So it really felt like you were a real person, and not just a number, or a statistic. It felt like they actually had an interest in you as a human being, which is something else that's really, really nice when you're going through this process… so to be treated as a human being, and for somebody to pick up on how frightened you are, or how worried you are about things, is lovely. It really is.

I have to say you hear all kinds of horror stories about insurances, but I have to say I've had no quibbles with Aviva at all. I'm living proof that they've paid out. It's been simple, easy, stress-free. It's been great.

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Meet Jennifer Aviva Financial Advice Customer

(JENNIFER SPEAKS) My name's Jennifer and I live in Brentford. I've lived here for 25 years now. I retired nearly five years ago, and I'm enjoying the benefits of retirement. I enjoy doing yoga. I swim occasionally. I enjoy spending time with my family, my son and my granddaughter. Yes, I like retirement.

So, I had various pension pots with different providers, one of them being Aviva. So, I knew I had to do something about the Aviva one, and that's when I made the call, which I was quite nervous about because financial advice had been problematic, so to speak. I actually asked Aviva, could I just take my money, pay the tax on it, and it would all be under my control. That's when the person on the phone said, "I think we might need to get advice." So reluctantly I said "yes, that would be okay".

(EMMA SPEAKS) I'm Emma. I'm a financial adviser for Aviva. I've been in the financial services industry for 20 years this year. I really, really enjoy it. I couldn't think of a job that I would rather do. When I spoke to Jennifer she was very, very nervous about taking advice. She had a bad experience in the past, and it had left her, understandably, very nervous of the industry.

(JENNIFER SPEAKS) Emma phone me, and I think it was very nice to have a lady phone me. So, after several phone calls, Emma came to the house. It was nice to meet her, and she was able to give me examples of what my choices were. And then she went away, and she came back with more information for me, so it was all very reassuring. It was nice to see it in black and white, so to speak. Having sorted the final part of my pension out with Emma's help, that's the final piece in the puzzle, I find, which is very comforting indeed I have to say. It's made a huge difference which I wouldn't have been aware about if I hadn't got the advice.

(EMMA SPEAKS) I'm just really pleased how the course of our conversations, that Aviva financial advice and myself as an advisor could help her and put her in a better financial position than she would have been. 

Aviva do really care about their customers and that was something that I really wanted to put across to Jennifer.

(JENNIFER SPEAKS) I would highly recommend Aviva. It's a good advice, it really is the best thing, and the best thing to get it from such a huge, long-standing organisation, I think is key.


There's no charge for your first meeting with an Aviva financial adviser and no obligation to proceed. The charges for our service will be fully explained to you at your first meeting.

Our service is restricted – where any products or services recommended will be Aviva products and services. Visit to find out more.